Line Forms In Front Of Sioux Falls Barnes and Nobel 36 Hours Before Palin Visit

These people are hardcore fans:

People started lining up as early as 7:30 a.m. this morning to get a copy of Palin’s book, “Going Rogue,” signed. Palin will appear at Barnes & Noble from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Sunday.

About two dozen chairs are lined up outside the bookstore with about seven people holding spots in the line.

Victoria Boote, a University of Sioux Falls student, was one of the first in line early this morning. It’s not the first time she’s lined up early for events.

“I do it for fun, but this is for passion,” she said. She said she respects Palin – especially her moral stance.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

Friday, she appeared at a Fort hood bookstore. It was only open to civilians and soldiers with military access to the post

The day finally came….my first Instalanche! Whoo hoo, thanks Glenn.


14 thoughts on “Line Forms In Front Of Sioux Falls Barnes and Nobel 36 Hours Before Palin Visit

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  2. Two things to note: First, the correct time reference would be 24 hours. While the *signing* was scheduled for 6:30pm, you couldn’t get into that without a wristband. The line in the video was the line to get a wristband, which they started handing out at 7:00am Sunday. Once you got the wristband, you could go home and come back late afternoon for the actual signing. Nobody waited in that line for 36 hours.

    Second, I’m pretty sure that video was shot Saturday evening, not Saturday morning (I got there about 7:00pm Saturday and I was right about where the line ends in the video). The very *first* people were there Saturday morning, but I’m guessing most of those people, like me, didn’t wait much more than 12 hours.


  3. did yall hear the snarky comment (and made up lie) at the end of this CBS so-called news? how Palin “has been criticized for visiting only Republican strongholds while avoiding large cities with a large Democratic presence…” (at 2:10 in the video)

    really? and just by whom has she been “criticized” for that, specifically, that this fake news-reader felt it important to share that with us? its bogus. nobody has criticized her for this bit of information, like she’s not going to Detroit or Oakland/Berkeley? so whut? she just went to Chicago to kick it off and be on Teh Oprah show. (highest ratings – evah!) yet she is not on a campaign, she is on a book signing tour, and the tour places and dates have been posted for a while. ( ) but that’s not the point to liberals. its any bit of race-baiting muck they can dredge up that becomes the new story.

    i’m so pissed off at the state-run media. what tools. what liars. what asshats.


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