Obama Rescues Economy!

After years of economic mismanagement by “many of the same people who are now waxing political about fiscal responsibility while opposing our efforts to reduce deficits by getting health care costs under control, ” Obama tells us in his Brookings speech, today, he has brought the economy back from the brink.

Not that there’s any reason to doubt the Messiah, at all the AP  fact-checks his speech, anyhow.

And oh…this is awkward, Rasmussen reports:

Most Americans Oppose Second Stimulus and Using Bailout Funds for States:

President Obama hopes to use money still unspent from the $787-billion economic stimulus plan to fight the nation’s 10% unemployment rate, and one of the ideas on the table is to channel money to states to keep them from laying off public employees.

But a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 22% of Americans favor providing federal bailout funds to states with serious financial problems. Fifty-eight percent (58%) oppose giving bailout money to financially troubled states.

On top of that, 56% of Americans oppose the passage of another economic stimulus package this year. While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other congressional Democrats are hoping to spend more to combat unemployment, just 33% favor another stimulus plan.

Editors note:

I’ve made a couple of additions to the photoshop since it first appeared, FYI.


9 thoughts on “Obama Rescues Economy!

  1. As his poll numbers tank, his attacks on the previous administration rise. Such a small minded person, what happened to the “great uniter”? In his speach he blamed the entire Republican party for everything that is currently going south. This want-to-be president is pathetic at best. History will not be kind to him.


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  4. What happened to the millions of “green” jobs and “shovel ready” jobs that were going to be created by the stimulus packages? It’s time for Obama to resign before he destroys the country beyond repair. He is inexperience and naive. He lacks the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to create jobs and grow the U.S. economy.


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