Mind Numbingly Hypocritical: Gibbs Decries “The Blame Game”

You have got to be kidding me.  This unctuous clown:

Transcript via AoSHQ:

On the lack of bipartisan agreement on ways to stimulate the economy, Gibbs said, “Look, the American people have watched for decades the blame game, all right? If the blame game put people to work, we’d all be rolling in money. The blame game — I’m glad some people want to continue playing the blame game. That doesn’t work. That doesn’t get anybody a job. It doesn’t cut people’s taxes.


As Drew  says:

What planet does Gibbs live on and do they suffer from Global Climate Change there? Has Gibbs ever heard of a guy named Barack Obama?

In case he hasn’t let me introduce them. Obama is the guy who blames Bush for everything from financial meltdowns, record deficits, unprecedented spending, war, plague, pestilence, flatulence and an inability to get Michele Obama to put out a week ago Thursday (actually, that was a case where Bush did Obama a solid).

Literally every speech Obama gives, he’s blaming Bush or the Republicans for something, in fact he did so just yesterday, for crying out loud. When is Gibsy going to council the President to stop “playing the blame game” since it doesn’t work, and the American people are sick of it? Un-believable.

Has there ever been a more phony, hollow, deceitful, fraudulent, mealy-mouthed, nauseating,  smarmy, and  sycophantic White House spokesperson than Robert Gibbs? He makes Scott McClellan look like a dazzling national treasure.

Pat Caddell was spot on, yesterday, when he said, ” They think the American people are sheep that they can run over….they have nothing but contempt for the very people they are supposed to represent on the greatest nation on earth”.


From Ace’s thread:

66 This whole blame game thing is Bush’s fault.

Posted by: Warden at December 09, 2009 07:38 PM


Video: Krauthammer – “Today, The Democrats ARE The Law”

Yesterday on Special Report, Charles Krauthammer charged that the allocation of TARP funds to Obama’s jobs package is illegal, but that won’t stop the Dems, who have a “congenitive inability” to control their spending;


More On Kevin Jennings, Obama’s Safe School Czar – It Gets Worse

Gateway Pundit has the all the latest revelations about Obama’s outrageous and offensive choice for “safe schools czar”.

To recap the “fisting” controversy:

During the 2000 conference, workshop leaders led a “youth only, ages 14-21″ session that offered lessons in “fisting” a dangerous sexual practice. During the same workshop an activist asked 14 year-old students, “Spit or swallow?… Is it rude?” The unbelievable audio clip is posted here.

Here’s the thing. Maybe I’ve been behind the curve, but I was under the impression that Kevin Jennings wasn’t even present at this conference. At least, that is what some of his defenders had argued. He wasn’t there…he wasn’t the  one doing the fisting demonstrations! But the fact that the organization he founded and led, was engaging in activities like this was enough for me. Either he had lost control of his organization and was completely incompetent, or he consented and agreed with it. I tended to believe the latter, but neither choice was acceptable to me for an adviser to the President.

It turns out that he was the keynote speaker of this conference:

Barack Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” was the keynote speaker at the GLSEN/Boston Conference at Tufts University in 2000. High school students at the conference learned about fisting and watersports from the GLSEN activists. Jennings is seen here holding the conference program. (Via Mass Resistance)

Unfortunately for GLSEN, undercover journalists with Mass Resistance recorded these outrageous sessions at Tufts University. The audio was later leaked to a local radio station. This created such an uproar that GLSEN leaders were forced to apologize for their disgusting behavior.

Despite the controversy, Barack Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings and his GLSEN organization did nothing to clean up their act. In fact in 2001 activists handed out “fisting kits” to the children and teachers who attended the GLSEN conference.

But that’s not all. The children who attended Kevin Jennnings’ GLSEN 2005 Conference also left with their own “Little Black Book – Queer in the 21st Century”.

You’ll have to go to Gateway Pundit’s site to view the totally inappropriate and disgusting booklet. It’s not clear how many kids actually went home with the books.

The Boston Globe had a report about the incident at the time, after a watchdog group had brought the booklet to the media’s attention. As would be expected, GLSEN feigned surprise that such a thing was being  distributed  at one of their conferences.:

The ”Little Black Book,” produced by the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts, is targeted at 18-and-older gay men, according to the committee. The book uses vivid descriptions and colloquial terms to describe the ways HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases can be prevented and spread.

A Fenway Community Health employee brought the pamphlets along with other materials and put them on the table by mistake, said Chris Viveiros, a spokesman for Fenway Community Health.

”Fenway Community Health regrets accidentally making available a small number of copies of the Little Black Book, an HIV-prevention publication for gay and bisexual men over the age of 18, at an event where young people were present,” said Dr. Stephen Boswell, Fenway Community Health’s president and CEO.

Sean Haley, executive director of the education network, which sponsored the conference, added: ”We have very clear policies that sexually explicit material of any kind will not be made available at the conference. Had I seen the book, I would have asked them to put it away.”

At the start of the event, Haley said, network officials scanned each of the 10 tables it had rented, for $35 apiece, to outside groups. He said nobody saw the pamphlet at the time. ”We’re just going to have to be more rigorous in our review of materials,” he said.

Kevin Jennings was the national executive director or GLSEN at the time. Haley must have been the local executive director. And don’t tell me that neither of them were aware that explicit materials like this booklet and “fisting kits” were being distributed and discussed at GLSEN conferences. Only ten tables, and  somehow this book was missed? Please.

William Lupini, Brookline school superintendent, said the school system agreed to host the event on the condition that material would be age-appropriate.

”We’re disappointed that we laid out what we thought were pretty clear and easy-to-follow conditions and that they weren’t adhered to,” Lupini said yesterday.

Again. Kevin Jennings is either grossly incompetent and careless, or completely complicit, and I think it’s the latter.


Michelle Malkin is still on the GLSEN corporate sponsor case:

Who’s funding GLSEN? Pt. 2: Corporate phone/e-mail contact list; Update: GLSEN gay bar guides for teens


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Video: Pat Caddell On Glenn Beck

I always love Pat Caddells’s appearances on Fox. He’s a Democrat strategist? Huh? He really fails at Democrat strategery…at least with the modern Democrat party. But thats why I love him.

Anyway, he claims, in all his life, (and he’s been involved in politics for a long time), he’s never seen this level of sustained anger at the government.

It doesn’t bode well for the Democrats. Or RINOs.

The American people are coming….


Ace is starting to root for Obama to give us his worst.

He says in the comments that he’s thinks of it “like a maelstrom”.