Video: Pat Caddell On Glenn Beck

I always love Pat Caddells’s appearances on Fox. He’s a Democrat strategist? Huh? He really fails at Democrat strategery…at least with the modern Democrat party. But thats why I love him.

Anyway, he claims, in all his life, (and he’s been involved in politics for a long time), he’s never seen this level of sustained anger at the government.

It doesn’t bode well for the Democrats. Or RINOs.

The American people are coming….


Ace is starting to root for Obama to give us his worst.

He says in the comments that he’s thinks of it “like a maelstrom”.

9 thoughts on “Video: Pat Caddell On Glenn Beck

  1. The economy and so many other things are falling apart. If we had a good president ..congress and senate…I think people could tolerate these harsh times in a better way. We have no one or anything of substance leading us.


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  3. Glenn,
    I think you owe Mr. Caddell an apology! He made a very serious and relevate statement about the American people when he said to the Congress “…the American people are coming and they are coming for you…” It was the wong place and time for you to get cleaver with your “stuffed” animal. I thank God for you and your ability to have Pat as a contributor to your show. However over something this serious, I think you owe him an on air apology.


  4. I thought the appearance of the stuffed animal at the end of the segment was very incongruous with the serious tone of the subject matter. But I don’t know if he owes Cadell an apology…


  5. Sustained anger at the government shouldn’t be any surprise.

    Democrats ginned up anger against the Republican led government through sustained personal attacks. After enduring eight years of endless ‘Bush is Stupid’ jokes and vicious diatribes by Pelosi, Schumer and Reid against all things conservative, no one is feeling bad about starting to dish out the same to Duh-Bama.

    And now that the Stimulus has become a proven failure to create jobs, the anti Duh-Bama rhetoric will only increase.


  6. The difference of course is, the constant Bush bashing was intellectually dishonest politics of personal destruction by the left.

    The anger at the government (AKA Obama and Dem majority) is based upon their actual destructive policies.


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