Soros And Sandler Funded Group Condemns Conservative Billionaire’s Activism

Oh my stars and garters, the chutzpa of the left knows no bounds.

Byron York got his hands on a new report;  “The Billionaires Behind the Hate” from the Center for American Progress,  the liberal think tank run by John Podesta. Discover the Networks profile of CAP, here.

The supposedly hateful billionaires in the article’s title are brothers Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries, one of the nation’s largest conglomerates.

And what do they hate?  The “progressive agenda.”  The Kochs, according to Podesta’s group, are “responsible for a vicious attack campaign aimed directly at obstructing and killing progressive reform.”  First, they opposed the stimulus, financing “television and radio ads deriding the recovery package as simply ‘pork’ spending.”  Imagine that!  Then, through the group Americans for Prosperity, they helped organize some of the first “Tea Party” protests.

Like most all conservatives, they oppose Cap and Trade, and ObamaCare too, throwing their money at causes they support, as well as, “generous contributions to the arts, cancer research, and the Smithsonian Institute.”


Aside from its remarkable language — is it “hate” to believe the stimulus, cap-and-trade and the current health care proposals are bad policy? — the Podesta group’s attack on the Kochs is striking because the Center for American Progress is itself the product of politically-active billionaires.  It would never have come into existence without the backing of California-based Herbert and Marion Sandler, who founded Golden West Financial Corporation and made billions engaging in some of the most irresponsible subprime lending of the first years of this decade.  (After the financial collapse, their reputation sank so low that they were brutally parodied in a “Saturday Night Live” sketch last year.)

Remember this:

There is another billionaire, George Soros, who is also close to the Center. In 2003, in the middle of spending nearly $30 million of his own money in a quest to unseat President George W. Bush, Soros pledged to give the Center $1 million a year for three years. It was less than the Sandlers gave, but it was key support for an institution then getting off the ground. (I wrote about the founding of the Center, and how Podesta created an institution that combined the functions of think tank and political war room, in my book The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.)

Bryon, Byron, Byron…come now.   George Soros and the Sandlers are big hearted philanthropists. The Kochs are “vicious haters”.  See the difference?

In related news:

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Don’t Be Fooled: Senate Public Option “Compromise” = Single Payer

As soon as the Senate “compromise” (between lib and extreme lib factions in the Dem party) was announced, conservatives were suspicious. No doubt this is another ploy to get us to single payer – full-blown socialized medicine, which has been the wet dream of liberals for too long for them to give it up that easily.

The reason we know for a fact that they are scheming behind closed doors to get us there, is because every so often one of them is unable to control their tongues and they blurt out the truth, as unpopular as it is.

The latest doofus to do this is  NY Rep, Anthony Weiner:

A provision opening Medicare to uninsured Americans between the ages of 55 and 64 drew praise from some liberals.

Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., called it “an unvarnished, complete victory for people like me who have been arguing for a single-payer system.”

He told another newspaper that it might “get us on the path to a single payer model.”

Thank you for confirming our suspicions, Weiner.


Mike Pence concurs:

Senate Compromise Could Be Big Step To Single Payer


Blogging Machine, Bob McCarty published eight posts (with videos)  from the 2009 National Strategy Conference Nov. 14-15 in St. Louis. His reports can be found here.


The Arrogance And In-Your-Face Audacity of The Won

The Obama White House served  acorn cookies at Monday’s annual Christmas party.

“I didn’t expect to see such stark symbolism,” IA Rep Steve King said in an e-mail.

“Ha-ha, we won… we control the narrative… we control the laws.. We ARE the lawWe’re gonna keep funding ACORN with federal dollars whether you like it or not… HELLO 2010, and 2012! –  Here, have a cookie”!



Video: Michelle Malkin Discusses “Safe School Czar” Kevin Jennings On Hannity

The media has been AWOL on this story. Fox News has finally stepped up….will others follow?

Michelle Malkin is right that the touchy subject matter makes this topic difficult to discuss on television, and that’s why it’s so insidious. Radical gay activists  have relied on a timid and  browbeaten populous in order to push their agenda. But this must stop.

Every day, Media Matters comes out with slickly worded, but weak defenses of Kevin Jennings, and GLSEN, calling the  reports about Jennings and GLSEN “anti-gay smears”. Nobody wants to be thought of as a “hatemonger”, but people need to buck up. The uncomfortable truth is:  there are people out there who want to steal your children’s innocence. They want to pollute their minds at a young age. They want to indoctrinate them into their chosen lifestyle. Kevin Jennings is one of those people.   Every parent who has a child in the American public school system should be screaming from the rooftops for this man to be fired from his job as Safe School Czar. The fact that he was chosen for this position is an insult and an offense to every decent American, including gays who don’t think subjecting schoolchildren to explicit pornographic materials etc,  in the name of “tolerance” and “safety” is a good thing.

Kevin Jennings must go, and Obama owes the American people an explanation and apology for his  extreme (even for him) lapse in judgment in this affront to common sense and common decency.


A website devoted to his firing has been set up called, Expel Jennings.

Expel Jennings Facebook page, here.

You can contact your representatives in Washington, here.

You can sign a petition to the President to have Jennings fired, here.


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