Kevin Jennings Still “Safe School Czar” – WHY?

If you haven’t had a chance to read these reports at Big Government about Obama’s choice for “Safe School Czar”, (and you have an empty stomach) I highly recommend you do:

FistGate: Jennings Conference Promoted Dangerous ‘Fisting’

FistGate II: Jennings Conference Distributes ‘Fisting’ Kits

FistGate III: ‘Little Black Book: Queer in the 21st Century’

FistGate IV: Gay Bar Guides for Teens

FistGate V: Teacher Laments, ‘Fisting…often Gets a Bad Rap’

FistGate VI: ‘No Dookie on Your Noodle’

Quite enough has come out about this man’s disturbing background with GLSEN, the group he created and led until 2008,  for Obama to bid him adieu, sooner rather than later, yet he remains at his post. What is it going to take? Glenn Beck airing the 2000 “Fistgate” audio on national t.v.? Please don’t make him do that!

Kevin Jennings is an impatient man. He very much wants to impose his radical “change” on the schools, now, and no doubt, that is what he has been busy doing behind the scenes, while the MSM yawns:

Yesterday, Rep. Michael C. Burgess MD delivered a 1-minute speech calling on the Obama Administration to immediately fire  Kevin Jennings, calling him “dangerous for our schoolchildren.”

The Washington Times oped referred to by Rep. Burgess, Obama’s risky-sex czar, is currently listed on the newspaper’s site as #1 under Top stories “most read” .

Their Friday oped is Cruising gay bars with the ‘safe schools czar’.

I see I’m not the only one who can’t resist using sneer quotes around “Safe School Czar”.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit, who notes that Media Matters’ seems oddly obsessed with a story they consider to be a “non scandal”.

NOTE: Jim Hoft promises: There’s more to come.

Disclaimer: Yes, I thought the title of that first video was a bit much, too, which is unfortunate, because the subject matter is handled in a serious and professional manner.


Andrew Marcus at Big Government:

Iron Clad: How To Get Away With Lying, Cheating, Stealing, And Even Sexually Predatory Behavior Towards Children

Read his conclusion:

The unflappable defenders of the Left also add this comment on Fistgate chapters I-VI:

The latest charges, which highlighted the creepy right-wing fascination with gay sex, were rolled over days and presented as the ultimate take-down of Jennings. [Media Matters]

Putting aside the question of whether or not the Left was displaying a “creepy fascination with gay sex” when Republican Sen. Larry Craig was discovered to have pleaded guilty to soliciting sex from another man in a public bathroom, Media Matters alleged inability to comprehend that the Jennings story has nothing to do with homosexuality, and everything to do with adults sharing and discussing XXX rated materials with children, is very revealing in a terribly unflattering way.

It appears there is no line a Progressive Democrat can cross which will put them on the bad side of Media Matters.

Man it feels good to be a gangster Progressive Democrat!

Pedophilia was the last taboo.


Editor’s Note:

It should be noted that all of the original investigative reporting on GLSEN was done by the group, Mass Resistance, who have been on their case for fifteen years.

Two reports from their site you may not have yet seen:

The Fistgate Buck Stops with Kevin Jennings


    Video: Michelle Malkin Discusses “Safe School Czar” Kevin Jennings On Hannity

    More On Kevin Jennings, Obama’s Safe School Czar – It Gets Worse

    The Official Media Matters Response To Obama’s Safe School Czar’s Porno Reading List For Kids Scandal

    An Open Letter To Obama From A Mother, Re Safe School Czar Kevin Jennings

    Deesgusting!:Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Kevin Jennings Promoting Child Porn In Classroom Through GLSEN Reading List

    Zombie Takes Media Matters To Task On “Safe School Czar” Kevin Jennings

    Why Does Obama Have A Known *Pervert Gay Activist (I changed my mind again)PERVERT For His “Safe Schools” Czar?

    13 thoughts on “Kevin Jennings Still “Safe School Czar” – WHY?

    1. Credit should go to, the source of all the Fistgate & Little Black Book info on Jennings. Gateway Pundit does acknowledge this.


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    3. I’ve come to the conclusion that any thought, speach, writing or deed that is considered decent, pure, true, or connected to morals is hated by the progressives. Having any morals is “old fashion”. The more outrageous and disgusting, the more “progressive” you are. History repeats itself….hello Rome.


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    8. Just a reminder . . . it’s not enough to oust Jennings.

      The entire ‘safe’ schools movement is just a platform to spread pro-gay propaganda. The last thing we need is to trade Jennings for a slightly more ‘middle of the road’ gay activist. We need to put the pressure on to get pro-gay / GLSEN materials out of the schools lock, stock & barrel.

      The Right messes up by being so willing to compromise. The Left makes the most outrageous demands, then whines when the only reach 90% of their aims.
      NO Jennings. NO Pro-gay propaganda in the classroom. NO wasting class time on one-sided social politics.


    9. I agree. I think that this whole sordid affair has exposed GLSEN as the Trojan horse it is, an outfit designed to indoctrinate kids into a depraved, libertine lifestyle that their parents would strongly object to, under the pretense of “anti-bullying”, and “tolerance”. And by depraved, I’m not talking about all gays. I’m talking about the XXX stuff that GLSEN endorses at its conferences, and its XXX reading list.

      My fear, is that before Jennings is forced to leave, (and I’m convinced that he will be), it won’t be before he has set up some mandatory, nationwide instructional program modeled after GLSEN.

      No compromises when it comes to our kids.


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