Video: Climategate Christmas

The science is settled. Global warming  alarmists are a laughingstock:

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Dennis Miller has more fun with them, here:

So it’s come to this. If, and I say if only because it isn’t, global warming is a man-made desecration of the planet, the head table of that desecration has been set up this week in Copenhagen under the aegis of stopping the man-made desecration of the planet.

Crazy, huh? But there is a darker vibe about the craziness this time around. I used to feel it was funny crazy, UFO-Loch Ness crazy. Now though, it’s becoming disturbing crazy.

In the wake of the publishing of the East Anglia e-mails, I’m beginning to see a Roy Cohn-at-Tailgunner-Joe’s-side quality in some of the more zealous climatological gurus’ incessant bleats.

Read the whole thing.

I think I know what he means. These warmists that appear in interviews sound like Stepford wives to me, with their practiced mantra, (or incessant bleats), IE: “Independent climate assessments”, “peer reviewed”, “consensus”, “the science is settled”, “the vast majority of climate scientists believe in AGW”, etc.  It’s like they haven’t figured out that we’re on to them yet.  They need to come up with a new strategy. Calling scientists who disagree with them, “deniers”, convinces no-one , but that’s why I call them, “warmists”, since we’re throwing epithets around.

This Professor Matt Maslin, is a perfect example of the type:

I don’t know who that guy was who was debating Maslin, but he should be congratulated for the  pwnage.

Video shamelessly swiped from AoSHQ. Be sure to check out Krakatoa’s  commentary.


Steven Hayward piles on, here.

Merry Christmas, babies.

See also this article in the Daily Denier Mail.

SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Climate change emails row deepens as Russians admit they DID come from their Siberian server

The conclusion gives one reason to think that finally the tide is turning:

‘A year ago, if a reporter called me, all I got was questions about why I’m trying to deny climate change and am threatening the future of the planet,’ said Professor Ross McKitrick of Guelph University near Toronto, a long-time collaborator with McIntyre.

‘Now, I’m getting questions about how they did the hockey stick and the problems with the data.

‘Maybe the emails have started to open people’s eyes.’