Countdown To Christmas

It’s Christmas crunchtime, 10 days left until Christmas! Which can mean only one thing at Nice Deb!

It’s time for my annual “A Very Perry Christmas” post!:

Yes I inflicted that on you in 2008, and 2007, too. Consider it a Christmas tradition.

Video: A Christmas Classic

A Very Perry Christmas

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Today’s News In Pictures

ObamaCare going down in flames?:

PJ Media: Numbers Not Adding Up for Senate Democrats on Health Care Reform

RedState: ObamaCare

Michelle Malkin: Demcare crunch time: Kill the bill and start over

(And how about liberal Dems sit out the next attempt to pass a health care bill?)

Commentary Contentions: Like a Stone

Politics Daily: Democratic Civil Wars Likely as Left Weighs Primary Challenges Over Health

Washington Examiner: Senate health bill goes into sudden-death overtime

The Washington Times: EDITORIAL: Socialism by any other name…

AFP to Host Code Red Rally on December 15th

Politico: W.H. to Reid: Cut deal with Lieberman

(Lieberman wasn’t born yesterday).

James Taranto: A Courage Of Failure: ObamaCare backer: Defying public, wrecking health care would be “a significant political achievement.”

The New Ledger: Nelson And Lieberman: No Public Option Of Any Kind

Megan McArdle: Lieberman Stabs Health Care in the Back


Macleans.CA: Centre of the storm

Chris Horner: Climategate: This Can’t Help

Don Surber: Copenhagen stalemated

American Thinker:

The Wages of Climategate

Climategate TKO in Copenhagen?

Watt’s Up With That:

What’s going on? CRU takes down Briffa Tree Ring Data and more

Breaking: Copenhagen climate summit negotiations ’suspended’

Obama grades his first year in office:

Hot Air: Obama: I’d give myself a B+; Update: Video added

Jed Babbin: Obama’s Assault on Economic Freedom

Washington Examiner: Government salaries soar in bad times

Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

44% approval rating (F-)

Dr. Melissa Clouthier: I Think This Is What Going To Hell In A Handbasket Looks Like

Breitbart TV: Rep. Ryan: Obama Would Lose if Election Were Held Today

Hot Air:Is there a category for “jobs ended” by Porkulus?

The American Thinker: The Debt Spiral

Ace: Obama’s Good, Solid B+

Too funny: #bplus is now a trending topic on Twitter.

Ace’s submissions:

Titanic’s maiden cruise? Good, solid B+.

Seth Brundel’s ability to detect insects in a small enclosed space? Oh, I don’t know, I’ll say just short of an A-.

And more.


Sign-o-The Times

This sign has been taken down since it made the local news in Colorado, and has been replaced by a sign that says, “Please help. We need firewood, propane and canned food”.

I hope the publicity brought them some relief. This is a terrible time of year to be homeless.

Colorado television station KRDO first reported on the sign, last week:

Newsbusters noted:

You probably didn’t hear about it because outside of two Colorado television stations nobody found this newsworthy.

By contrast, when word got out in March of a tent city in Sacramento, California, news media couldn’t get enough of the story.

See, they could pin the tent city in Sacramento on Bush, because it was so early on in Obama’s Presidency. Now –  not a peep from the national media.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit.


Obama’s latest approval index rating is at an all time low, second day in a row.

It’s going to keep falling, too. More and more people are figuring out that a colossal mistake was made when Obama got elected.