Thousands Attend Code Red Rally In DC

Photo via Twitpic

The rally is taking place as I type. Live stream, here. You can also watch live on CSPAN. Fox News livestream, here.

Phil Kerpen of AFP, reports via Twitter:

Over 6000 people here at Code Red Rally.

Estimate from stage is it now looks more like 10K at #CodeRed.

I was afraid that few would be able to find the time during the busy holiday season. A showing that strong in mid December is impressive!

Michelle Malkin reported that MoveOn held its own emergency rally at 1pm Eastern today to lobby for nationalized health care. Would love to see a picture of crowd size.

As unpopular as ObamaCare is, Reid is close to a watered down version of the bill, using any means necessary –Cash-for-Cloture. Key members of the Senate to contact:

Sen. Nelson’s contact info:

7602 Pacific St.
Suite 205
Omaha, NE 68114
Tel: (402) 391-3411
Fax: (402) 391-4725


440 North 8th Street
Suite 120
Lincoln, NE 68508
Tel: (402) 441-4600
Fax: (402) 476-8753

Washington, D.C.
720 Hart Senate Office Building
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510
Tel: 1-202-224-6551
Fax: 1-202-228-0012

Tel: (308) 631-7614

Tel: (308) 293-5818

South Sioux City
Tel: (402) 209-3595

I’ll be updating throughout the day as I hear more.

Another picture via Twitter:



I’ve been checking Twitter for updates on the Moveon rally. All I saw were a bunch of links to a Huffpo article announcing the rally. It must have fizzled, or those people don’t know how to multitask.

Another picture of the crowd via Twitpic:


The Plum LineGreg Sargent’s blog

Howard Dean: “Kill The Senate Bill”

A guy tweeted that he thought he saw Dean at the Code Red rally.

According to Senatus, Republicans are unified:

McConnell: “I have 40 unified Republicans who think that this bill is not the right way to go.”


Some great pix via Anthropocon on Twitter:

Rep. Michelle Bachman reportedly gave a rousing speech:

So did Rep Steve King:


Video via the American Conservative Union:


As I suspected! The MoveOn rally fizzled!

Oh look. Pre-printed signs.

Via Moonbat Patrol, Philip Klein at The American Spectator reports:

In what looked more like a death rattle than a call to arms, about 50 liberal activists gathered in front of the White House this afternoon for a hastily arranged rally meant to protest President Obama for allowing Sen. Joe Lieberman so much leverage in the health care debate.


The 2010 Grande Conservative Blogress Diva Awards

Oh my goodness, what an honor. Nice Deb has been nominated for the esteemed “Grand Conservative Blogress Diva Awards” being held over at Gay Patriot; a grand conservative diva being defined as “a strong, confident woman who commands the respect of men.”

I’ve got some stiff competition, too, in fact I see a few fellow Cotillion members in the group of contenders:

This year, our readers have already submitted the names of blogress divas new to the contest, including, we believe, only the second lesbian ever nominated, Cynthia Yockey, aka a Conservative Lesbian.   Will she perhaps replace that other dyke divaTammy Bruce by capturing this year’s Endora and reigning a Conservative Blogress Diva Regent or will she join Sondra K and Pamela Geller as only the third woman to becomethe Grande Conservative Blogress Diva?
Other names drawn to my attention this year include Cassandra of Villainous Company,Nic DebMegan McArdlePhyllis Chesler and Karin Quade (of
Also contention are reigning divas Pamela Geller, Tammy Bruce and neoneocon as well as Amy AlkonThe AnchoressAnn AlthouseLittle Miss Attila, Dymphna of Gates of Vienna, immediate past Grande Conservative Blogress Diva Sondra K of Knowledge is Power, Mary Katharine Ham of The Weekly StandardRachel LucasMichelle Malkin,Camille Paglia, Virginia Postrel of The Dynamist, Jennifer Rubin of Commentary’s ContentionsSister ToldjahDebbie Schlussel, and Fausta Wertz.
Please submit your nominations (or seconds) in the comments section below or via e-mail.   Bruce and I will review the submissions and choose this year’s roster, posting a poll as soon as this coming Friday with balloting continuing for at least a week.

They are taking nominations until Wednesday, and then, I guess the voting begins. Pamela Geller is the reigning conservative diva. No surprise there! I don’t honestly think Nice Deb has much of a chance against such a formidable group of divas.  I’m just happy and honored to have been nominated. Thank you Gay Patriot.