The 2010 Grande Conservative Blogress Diva Awards

Oh my goodness, what an honor. Nice Deb has been nominated for the esteemed “Grand Conservative Blogress Diva Awards” being held over at Gay Patriot; a grand conservative diva being defined as “a strong, confident woman who commands the respect of men.”

I’ve got some stiff competition, too, in fact I see a few fellow Cotillion members in the group of contenders:

This year, our readers have already submitted the names of blogress divas new to the contest, including, we believe, only the second lesbian ever nominated, Cynthia Yockey, aka a Conservative Lesbian.   Will she perhaps replace that other dyke divaTammy Bruce by capturing this year’s Endora and reigning a Conservative Blogress Diva Regent or will she join Sondra K and Pamela Geller as only the third woman to becomethe Grande Conservative Blogress Diva?
Other names drawn to my attention this year include Cassandra of Villainous Company,Nic DebMegan McArdlePhyllis Chesler and Karin Quade (of
Also contention are reigning divas Pamela Geller, Tammy Bruce and neoneocon as well as Amy AlkonThe AnchoressAnn AlthouseLittle Miss Attila, Dymphna of Gates of Vienna, immediate past Grande Conservative Blogress Diva Sondra K of Knowledge is Power, Mary Katharine Ham of The Weekly StandardRachel LucasMichelle Malkin,Camille Paglia, Virginia Postrel of The Dynamist, Jennifer Rubin of Commentary’s ContentionsSister ToldjahDebbie Schlussel, and Fausta Wertz.
Please submit your nominations (or seconds) in the comments section below or via e-mail.   Bruce and I will review the submissions and choose this year’s roster, posting a poll as soon as this coming Friday with balloting continuing for at least a week.

They are taking nominations until Wednesday, and then, I guess the voting begins. Pamela Geller is the reigning conservative diva. No surprise there! I don’t honestly think Nice Deb has much of a chance against such a formidable group of divas.  I’m just happy and honored to have been nominated. Thank you Gay Patriot.




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