Americans for Prosperity sends word:


3:00 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 20
Omaha, NE

AFP to provide free buses to the event, CLICK HERE to register.

Join Americans for Prosperity members from Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska in a very important rally in Omaha tomorrow!

Sen. Ben Nelson says he has signed on as the last vote to pass the worst piece of legislation in our nation’s history. He allowed himself to be bought off — getting special treatment for Nebraska’s Medicaid program at the expense of the rest of our nation’s taxpayers. For the foreseeable future, under Nelson’s deal, the rest of Americans would pay for Nebraskans’ Medicaid on top of their already crushing tax burden.

We can’t let this stand. This is corruption at its height.

Join Mike Huckabee and others for an emergency rally as we take a stand and tell Sen. Nelson one more time: KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OUR HEALTH CARE! Don’t be a sellout, Sen. Nelson – remember your constituents and don’t pit them against the rest of America.


Americans for Prosperity will be providing two buses, one leaving from Topeka and the other from the Kansas City area free to all who want to let Senator Nelson know they are against government run health care! Get on a bus HERE to join this rally and tell Sen. Nelson, Majority Leader Reid and the rest of the Senate this is unacceptable.


Gateway Pundit reports:

Nebraska Republicans Set Up “Give Ben the Boot” Website


Live coverage of rally, here.

14 thoughts on “EMERGENCY HEALTH CARE RALLY, Omaha, NE, Sunday 12/20

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  3. If our government can’t run a health care system then it had no business
    spending $800 billion dollars trying to bring freedom and democracy to a country that didn’t ask us to help them to begin with.
    Certainly the fact that 8 years after the US government ordered the invasion of Iraq we are still stuck there indefinitely should be a painful example of how poorly our government makes decisions.
    It’s been one big wasteful project. Building their roads, schools, hospitals and bridges. Training their police force, equipping their entire army, providing money for small business.

    I think Americans are finally coming around to agreeing that government is not capable of running anything….even a war. We are not capable of exporting a better way of life to other countries when We can’t even support ourselves.

    What ever made them think that we could bring prosperity to Iraq, I’ll never know.


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  5. If our government can’t run a health care system then it had no business spending $800 billion dollars trying to bring freedom and democracy to a country that didn’t ask us to help them to begin with.

    Your premise is false, and it’s not true that experiences in foreign policy necessarily translate to domestic policy. Other than that, you’re doing fine.


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