Emergency Health Care Rally, Omaha – 1,500+ Crowd on 1 Days Notice(Update- Now 2,500+)

Pic via AFPMissouri: Beautiful location at Music Hall Omaha Civic Auditorium. Lower floor & mez full. Overflowing to upper balcony.

The rally started at 3:00 pm, CST just a few minutes ago. Live stream video, here.

AFPMissouri tweets:

Gov Huckabee prior to speaking to 1500+ crowd #Nelson Showdown in Omaha http://twitpic.com/uedqf

EricJAndersen tweets:

Huckabee arrived at the rally wearing a leopard-skin cape.


AFPMissouri now tweets:

Crowd now over1800 in attendance #Nelson Showdown in Omaha.

People still streaming in:

TeamHuckCA tweets:

make that 2500 people…more still arriving! @govmikehuckabee

Huck is introduced as keynote speaker…he appears sans cape. A little disappointed..

Twitpic via the_912_project

“This means nothing if next November you forget.”

A truck parked outside of the rally:

Posted by EricJAndersen on Twitpic.


Chris W had nothing better to do today…his post about the event, here.



The Extraordinary Measures Needed to Kill the Bill


What else can we do?

Amy from the Tea Party express sends word:

Yes, it is five days before Christmas, but we will still stand and fight together.  There are still things we can do to say NO to this atrocity.

  • Join the Virtual Nationwide Vigil
  • FAX the Senators and tell them NO!
  • Visit your Senators’ local offices.
  • Don’t Give Up on Freedom!

Virtual NATIONWIDE Vigil
Join thousands of Americans tonight as we hold a NATIONWIDE Virtual Vigil on the phone and internet.  Since Dirty Harry and his Scrooges have pulled this out of their bag of tricks at the 11th hour, it is impossible for a large group of people to physically gather together.  However, we can all stand together through a virtual vigil tonight from 9:00 pm EST until the Senate cloture vote which is scheduled at 1:00 EST.  Please take 2 minutes during this vigil to tell us why you are opposed to this legislation.  Many Americans will be joining you.

Join us by calling into the conference call line or Click Here to LISTEN LIVE.

Conference call 712.432.3900 code 691338#

Fax the Senators
Continue to FAX Senators telling them you do not want government controlled health care.  You can find the fax numbers located here.

Visit Senatorial Local District Offices
If at all possible, please visit with your Senator during the next four days.  Please make it a priority to visit one of the local, district offices and deliver a letter telling them you are against a government takeover of health care.  A personal visit and handwritten letter carry more weight than any other form of communication with an elected official.  We still have time, but we must act within the next four days.

DO NOT Give up on Freedom!
Friends, as I started to write this action alert, I wanted to make sure that we were sending a positive message.  I don’t want you to think all we are doing is complaining.  We are all mad as hell, but we must stay focused on the end game.  We have all worked tirelessly to have our voices heard and yes, we feel like they are not listening.  However, they are listening because if they weren’t, this legislation would have been passed months ago.  We are making a difference and it make take us a while, but we can take back this country. If you think about where we are right now, we did not get here overnight and we are not going to be able to reverse step overnight.  That doesn’t mean that we are losing, that means we are winning in baby steps.  The war is not over and we have to continue to fight these battles.

2010 is right around the corner…11 days away.  That means that we all get to work on turning over some of these seats and voting out the people who do not do what they were hired to do!  There is hope!

It is time that WE step up and say loud and clear, WE HIRED YOU!  WE CAN FIRE YOU! We need to work with other activists and Patriots across this country to make sure that Dirty Harry Reid and his gang of Scrooges are definitely spending next Christmas and every Christmas thereafter, with their families.  2010 is the year that we can take back our Congress and send these hooligans back to the private sector where they can no longer trample the Constitution and put our freedom into jeopardy.  This next year, 2010, is our year, the year of the people!

Looking forward to talking with many American freedom fighters tonight!  If there is anything you need, let us know.  Stay strong, stay vigilant and don’t ever give up on America!  We are all in this together!

Thanks for standing together during this difficult time.

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9 thoughts on “Emergency Health Care Rally, Omaha – 1,500+ Crowd on 1 Days Notice(Update- Now 2,500+)

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  2. If Sarah Palin walk in there right now, that crowd would rip the armrests off their seats, WALK to D.C. (after grabbing a sweater), and beat down the doors of Congress.


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  4. I just got back, I actually had a faint hope that Palin might show up at the last minute, just to rally the troops. But there were a lot of good speakers there anyway. Huckabee got quite a few good lines, and he was clearly the star of the event.


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