The Obamas’ Hacky-Tacky White House Christmas Tree

Would anyone be surprised that hidden on a Christmas tree in the Obama White House are some positively hideous and tacky far left ornaments? What other result would you expect from their chosen Christmas tree decorator, designer Simon Doonon,  creative director of Barney’s New York, and  according to Capitol Confidential at Big Government, someone who  “has often caused a stir with his design choices. Like his naughty yuletide window display of Margaret Thatcher as a dowdy dominatrix and Dan Quayle as a ventriloquist’s dummy”.

So they picked a rabid left-wing partisan to decorate their Christmas tree. What could go wrong?

Well…How about this odd  ornament signed by the infamous transvestite Hedda Lettuce?

Then there’s the oh-so- festive Chairman Mao ornament.

After the controversy that erupted when it became known that former White House Spokesperson, Anita Dunn had expressed her admiration of Mao…it seems like an odd choice. Okay, even barring that…it’s an ODD CHOICE.

We all know that Obama has a healthy ego…

Yes, that’s Obama’s head mod-podged onto Mt. Rushmore.

And isn’t this cute? The “iconic” Obama/Lincoln image on another ornament:

This site reported that Michelle Obama told Oprah during the White House
Christmas special that they had sent out blank ball ornaments to “nonprofits and such” where they were decorated and sent back.

All I know is…these ornaments are tacky and inappropriate.

Since when has the White House Christmas tree been so politicized…so “cult of personality”?

I wonder if there’s a single ornament on the entire tree that represents the true meaning of Christmas.

Flashback to one year ago:

What is it about leftists that they can’t resist politicizing Christmas?



23 thoughts on “The Obamas’ Hacky-Tacky White House Christmas Tree

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  5. >>>What is it about leftists that they can’t resist politicizing Christmas<<<

    They will keep going until they have sucked all of the fun and joy out of each and every holiday…
    Thanksgiving? White men killed the Indians!
    Christmas? Intolerant of other religions!
    Columbus Day? Same problem as Thanksgiving!
    Easter? Again with the intolerance!
    4th of July? The founding fathers were "terrorists"!
    Earth Day? That one's great! You worship the phony belief of global warming and make crafts out of trash as an homage to recycling!


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  7. This rings like a bad joke — but then, that about sums up this administration. Respect? Decorum? Dignity? Honor? Appreciation of anyone or anything outside of themselves? So pathetic. 😦


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  9. Dove tails nicely into the liberal “Group Think” and “Lock Step” agenda. Obama brought into his administration several card carrying communists. Why? Because that is the way he leans. Wake the hell up people. Aint no surprises here, he be lovin him some communist dictators.


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  12. This is a disgrace….very sad. By the way…Lincoln was a republican. Interesting choice…Its time to fire congress and nullify this facist dictator.


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  15. No wonder the world is in a state with you mad stupid hick Americans trying to run things. There are more important things to worry about than baubles


  16. There are more important things to worry about than baubles

    There are more important things than commenting on a year-old post, as well.

    But don’t fret – we worry about everything, all the way down to the baubles.


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