Twas The Night Before Christmas

As sung by The December People –  Lead vocals by Mike Baker  in the style of Led Zeppelin:

We are in the midst of an ice storm turning into a blizzard, here…so no Christmas Eve Mass. We are staying in and playing games with the kids.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas surrounded by family and friends.

Video: Charles Krauthammer On The Great Political Realignment That Wasn’t

I agree with everything he just said, there. In 2008, most Americans were not knowingly voting for Socialism. People did not believe that an actual Socialist was running for President of the United States, and the MSM did little to nothing to dissuade them from their hopey/changey misconceptions.

People are slowly waking up…but is it too late? Congress is on the verge of passing a health care bill that is being designed to be  impossible to repeal. Those of us who had resigned ourselves to an ObamaCare fait accompli, this year, could at least, at one time,  hang our hopes on the possibility that some of the worst provisions or even the entire bill could be repealed if Republicans took over Congress in 2010. We were depending on them to run on that notion, in fact. Harry Reid, drunk with power, has created a rule binding future sessions of Congress to a supermajority to overrule the rationing board, and the Independent Medical Advisory Board.

The rumor is that Obama is putting off health care bill until February so he can focus on jobs. The real reason is because he can read the writing on the wall, which is that the House is not going for the Senate version, and he’s gonna have a protracted battle on his hands, which he doesn’t want leading up to his big State of the Union Speech. And we all know how important speeches are to Obama. He can’t trumpet that B+ rating he gave himself with all that fighting going on.

This is a case where Obama’s dithering is welcome, and to be encouraged. Remember, 2010 is an election year, and the health care bill is wildly unpopular. Dither away, Obama.