Democrat Rep. Sestak: “Where’s The Transparency”?

Man, even some Dems are now piling on Obama and Dem leaders for their broken promises:

“They said it would be transparent. Why isn’t it? At times, I find the caucus is a real disappointment. We aren’t transparent, not just to the public but at times to the members.” – Democrat Rep. Joe Sestak

I’m starting to think that this whole CSPAN transparency controversy is starting to hurt them, a little.



Michelle Malkin has audio of Brian lamb on the Bill Press radio show:

“If we pay for something and it’s the public’s business, we ought to be able to see how it’s done”

In related news, Fla. GOP Rep. Vern Buchanan has filed a congressional resolution demanding transparency in the negotiations process.

One more time: Let the cameras in.


HeeHee: People’s Cube Finds New Use For The Word, “Tea-Bagging”

Those cheeky monkeys at the Peoples’ Cube acted quickly when they heard that Cindy Sheehan had started a new website with an activist “.org” address without a “.com” version, as well:

A People’s Cube member who discovered their omission immediately bought for us to play with. Why is it important? He who never automatically typed “.com” while looking for a “.org” site, hasn’t really experienced all the wonders of the Internet. Typing “.com” is a shared human trait and it has been taken advantage of by many before us.

When you click on the Peoples’ Cube’s version, you find a site actually called, Fist of the Action, complete with hysterical graphics, and fisting jokes galore, including the hawking of the book, “Fisting For Dummies”, by Kevin Jennings.

What do we want? Fisting!

When do we want it? Now!

It’s for the children!

Have a towel nearby to wipe off your screen for when you’re through spewing your soda.


Obama Finally Notices We’re At War With Al Qaeda

The NSC adviser had said that people would be shocked by what we hear:

Obama Terrorism Statement:  “We are war. We are at war with al Qaeda”

Obama finally figured out what most of the rest of us already knew.  I guess that’s shocking.

Does this mean that the hopey/changy terms used last year like “overseas contingency operations”, and “man-made disasters” are no longer de rigueur?

How does closing  Gitmo, and giving enemy combatants civilian trials square with this new-found discovery? How are we going to go forward in this time of war without the ability to get intelligence from enemy combatants in captivity?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Former Bush Atty General, Michael Mukasey asks:

What Does the Detroit Bomber Know?

Even as the initial spin was in progress, Abdulmutallab was chattering like a magpie to his FBI captors about having been trained by al Qaeda and about there being more where he came from.

Braggadocio aside, he was certainly aware of who had prepared the potentially deadly mix that was sewn in his underwear, who had trained him, where the training had taken place, whether there was in fact a South Asian man described by two other passengers who helped him talk his way on to the plane, and a good deal more. Such facts are valuable but evanescent intelligence. The location of people—and with it our ability to find and neutralize them—is subject to rapid change.

Had Abdulmutallab been turned over immediately to interrogators intent on gathering intelligence, valuable facts could have been gathered and perhaps acted upon. Indeed, a White House spokesman has confirmed that Abdulmutallab did disclose some actionable intelligence before he fell silent on advice of counsel. Nor is it any comfort to be told, as we were, by the senior intelligence adviser referred to above—he of the “no smoking gun”—that we can learn facts from Abdulmutallab as part of a plea bargaining process in connection with his prosecution.

Whatever that official thinks he knows about the plea bargaining process, he certainly should know that the kind of facts that Abdulmutallab might be expected to know have a shelf life that is a lot shorter than the plea bargaining process, assuming such a process ever gets started.

Well, fear not! Natl Security adviser James Jones assured us that Obama really does not want to see the American people slaughtered by terrorists:

President Obama “is legitimately and correctly alarmed . . . .”

Jones said Obama “certainly doesn’t want that third strike, and neither does anybody else.”

He might want to do some quick “pivoting” on some of his homeland security policies, then, to match up a little closer to his predecessors’ policies.


CNN Commentator, Jack Cafferty Notices Obama Not Always Truthful

Shocking but true – Obama lied about transparency in order to get elected, liberal commentator Cafferty admits:

Welcome to the (tea) party, bucko. I started noticing Obama’s propensity to boldly tell lies, early in 2008, basically, around the same time I started paying close attention to him, that’s how blatant and obvious it was.

Another blogger, Conservative American,  has been keeping tabs on the Obamalies, flipflops and scandals since his inauguration, 973 of them, thus far.

Michelle Malkin wrote a nearly 400 page book about the culture of corruption in the Obama administration after only six months.

So 12 months into the most corrupt, inept and dishonest administration in American history, (yes, counting the Nixon and Clinton administrations), 24 months since the Democratic Primaries began, it’s nice that some in the media can finally acknowledge what has been painfully obvious to the rest of us for a couple of years now.


RE: Gitmo As Recruiting Tool

In Obama’s latest press conference,  he repeated his promise to close Guantanamo, promised not to to send any more detainees home to Yemen, (for the time being, anyway), and last but not least, he claimed that Gitmo was a recruiting tool for al-Qaeda. In other words, the terrorist threats we face today are all Bush’s fault.

Victor Davis Hanson says, fine, go for it, close the damn thing already, but:

…consider the logic: before Guantanamo, al-Qaeda achieved its greatest success in damaging America; after it, it suffered some of its most grievous defeats, but somehow its existence is counter-productive and a recruiting tool? What, Pray God, was the recruiting tool on September 10, 2001?

All things being equal, the idea that a terrorist will spend a lot of time in a cell  in Cuba if caught seems much less of a recruiting tool than hearing that your enemy has banned the use of “war against terror,” made up grand achievements of your civilization, apologized for his country’s sins, publicly bowed to prominent autocratic Muslims, promised a public trial in New York for your heroic mastermind of 9/11, and in general blamed the war on his predecessor. All that seems quite an encouragement to join al-Qaeda in comparison to the punishment of incarceration if caught.

4) Does Obama have any notion of what enemies say and do in war? That al-Qaeda claims this week that Guantanamo is a recruiting tool hardly makes it one. For years we heard that American troops in Saudi Arabia caused Bin Laden’s anger — and now that they are gone? If one were to collate all of Dr. Zawahiri’s constantly changing complaints — Jews supposedly in Mecca, lack of American campaign finance reform, Israel, etc. — the list would become endless.  Thucydides invented a word prophasis precisely for the idea of belligerents inventing perceived grievances for their various aggressions.  Would Obama really believe Hitler’s whine about Versailles as he went into the Rhineland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, France, the low countries, Yugoslavia, Greece, Russia, etc.? At what point would Obama, our modern-day Clement Attlee and Stanley Baldwin, have ceased trying to make Versailles “right,” and instead pondered that Hitler was an aggressive thug who cloaked his endless invasions in all sorts of whines that were designed to appeal to guilt-ridden Westerners?

Charles Krauthammer was on the same wavelength, yesterday on Fox’s Special Edition with Brett Baier:

I’m sure that as soon as Michael Steele is through with his book tour and speaking engagements, he’ll find time to help make the Dems’ weakness on foreign policy into an election issue for Republicans, probably too much to ask, though.


Audio: Mark Levin Takes On David Brooks

Worth savoring: Mark Levin lowers the boom on “pseudo-conservative, true phony, Intellectual lightweight, a-hole  from the ignorant class, neo-statist”, David Brooks:

Hey, by the way… anyone else noticing an uptick in the frequency that elites/libs are trashing the tea party movement? I sure am. In fact, I’m getting the impression that “tea-baggers” are this year’s Sarah Palin. Don’t get me wrong, they haven’t forgotten about Sarah, and they will continue their Palin Jihad, but the attacks on the tea party movement are becoming more numerous, and I think will continue to increase in number and ferocity leading up to the November elections because the movement is seen as the bigger threat to the Dems’ Statist goals.

That’s an official Nice Deb prediction.