Boston Political Analyst Declares Scott Brown Winner of Monday Night’s Debate

Boston WHDH-TV’s long time Political Reporter, Andy Hiller says Scott Brown was the clear winner of Monday night’s debate with Martha Coakley and Joseph Kennedy.

Martha Coakley was Martha Coakley — a lawyer who looked and sounded like a teacher. As always she was calm, measured and unemotional, but unlike always, she sometimes seemed tentative, even taken aback.

It was Scott Brown who made her that way. Brown knew what he wanted to say and said it. He was confident and personable. He was aggressive, but not so aggressive that he crossed any gender line.

Joe Kennedy had a strong debate performance, too. He got out his message that he’s the candidate of smaller government and less spending. He never looked uncomfortable, and he even had a sense of humor.

I’m sure this won’t be unanimous, but Scott Brown was my clear choice as the winner of this debate. He blended a soft delivery with hard attacks. Most important, watching him, you could imagine him in the U.S. Senate, not the State Senate

I’ll be the first to say it. Watching him, I could even imagine him as President. …He’s clean, articulate, and in 2012 he’ll have two whole years in the US Senate under his belt, (like someone else we all know)…

Linked by Ace O Spades, and NRO, and Michelle Malkin, Stop the ACLU, American Power, thanks! And hey, some of you are even commenting already. I didn’t have to shame you into it!


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31 thoughts on “Boston Political Analyst Declares Scott Brown Winner of Monday Night’s Debate

  1. “I’ll be the first to say it. Watching him, I could even imagine him as President.”


    Watching him, I’d say it would be impossible for that thought not to cross one’s mind.


  2. Naaa. For all he’s the “Most Conservative Candidate who can win” in the race, he’s still too much of a Liberal Squish on some issues which are very important to the national base.

    We’ll back him (I’m from TX) for this race, but don’t expect support in a Presidential run unless he can really beef up his Conservative Bona Fides.


  3. Although the presidential comparisons to Scott Brown are all well and good, and they’ll be plenty of time for that….but we have to win this election first.

    And when I say “we” I mean conservatives and Republicans.

    Scott Brown must win this election. There’s too much at stake. It definitely seems like all of the momentum is on Scott Brown, but the poll numbers are not encouraging. At the same time, the money bomb last night was astounding and the general consensus after the debate was that he won it (his site was jammed last night after the debate it wouldn’t load for about 15 minutes).

    I’m in New Jersey and I’ve donated already. But its up to conservatives and Republicans and independents in Massachusetts to turnout. Its all about turnout people!


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  5. If he loses and there are reports of Democrat shenanigans, he’ll be a shoe-in for the presidential candidate.

    If he wins and they refuse to seat him ahead of a “critical” vote, then he’ll be a shoe-in for the presidential candidate.


  6. ” …He’s clean, articulate, and in 2012 he’ll have two whole years in the US Senate under his belt, (like someone else we all know)…”, LOL you racist 🙂


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  8. i’m from arkansas and donated to scott browns campain. we have to win this seat to begin to take back our gov,t from the left wing democrats. but the voting peoples from mass. will have to vote and bring their friends and neighbors to the voting polls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  10. I donated to Scott Brown’s campaign. and saw the debate on C-Span with Brown emerging as the clear winner. I just wish the Independant candidate, Joe Kennedy, would now throw his weight to Scott Brown. With this and a great turnout for Brown he should have a fighting chance.


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