Martha Coakley claims “She’s Not Privy” To Facts Surrounding GOP “Stalker” Fracas

Apparently, reporters who aren’t friendly Dems, and who have the  impertinence to be persistent, and ask tough questions are what we call “stalkers” in American politics, today.

Bay State Attorney General Martha Coakley blamed GOP “stalkers” today for triggering tensions outside a Washington, D.C., fund-raiser last night where a Weekly Standard reporter said he was roughed up by a Coakley campaign worker.

Coakley, a Democrat, is in a red-hot race for U.S. Senate against GOP rival Scott Brown, where a poll out today places the two only 2 points apart closing in on the Jan. 19 special election. The post-fundraiser fury has now sent both camps scrambling.

Coakley said she is not “privy” to the facts surrounding the incident involving reporter John McCormack last night, who wrote about the episode outside the Sonoma restaurant in an online dispatch titled: “We Report, We , Get Pushed.” McCormack wrote he was pushed to the ground by a man he says is linked to Coakley’s campaign while he was asking her questions.

I know there were people following, including two from the Brown campaign who have been very aggressive in their stalking,” Coakley told reporters during an appearance at Kit Clark Senior Services in Dorchester. “I’m not sure what happened. I know something occurred, but I’m not privy to the facts. I’m sure it will come out, but I’m not aware of that.”

Here she is staring at what she’s not sure happened:

Good grief, she was right there… How can she claim to not know what happened? This woman is the MA  Attorney General,  and a man can be assaulted right in front of her, and she says she’s not “privy to the facts”?

Here are the facts:

Weekly Standard Reporter, John McCormack, was asking her a tough, embarrassing question she had no decent answer for. She had said during the debate with Scott Brown, Monday night, that she didn’t believe that there were any terrorists left in Afghanistan, and we need to send the troops home, now. He wanted to know if she stood by that statement. She dodged that question the first time it was asked, but like a good reporter, he was persistent. The man who assaulted McCormack appears to be a media consultant sent by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Commitee, to help the Coakley camp with “messaging”.

The message to conservative reporters being…Do not ask tough questions.

If this story has a deja vu quality to it, for you,  it’s because this same reporter, John McCormack had the cops called on him for asking Dede Scozzavava some tough questions after a campaign event during the  New York 23 race, last October.


Update moved. I decided it needed its own post.

Hat tip: Moe Lane

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12 thoughts on “Martha Coakley claims “She’s Not Privy” To Facts Surrounding GOP “Stalker” Fracas

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  2. Not only did he push the reporter to the ground, the assailant then blocked his way, pushing very close to the reporter and preventing him from being able to follow Croak-ley down the sidewalk. I find that to be as offensive as shoving the man — the assailant was bodyblocking him for some seconds. Just plain wrong and I hope he is brought to court for it all.


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  5. DEMOCRATS… Aren’t you PROUD ??
    YOUR STATE ATTORNEY, Martha Coakley ALLOWS one of her staff to assault a reporter, THEN DOES NOTHING ABOUT IT, AS THE STATE ATTORNEY.


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