Coakley Caption Contest

Hillbuzz, is taking a page out of Alinsky’s book, rule #5 to be exact:

Rule 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It’s hard to counterattack ridicule, and it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.

So they’re hosting a PHOTOSHOP CHALLENGE: “I’m Martha Coakley, and I approve this message”.

The very best of these need to be printed out by the thousands and plastered all over Massachusetts.  Or “Massachusettes”, as Coakley spells it.  Just like the Joker posters that blanketed Nebraska and Missouri ridiculing the fools Ben Nelson and Claire McCaskill. If you are in Massachusetts, an effort should be made to get sympathetic printers to run these off so people can put them all over the place in major media markets…or take them to famous Massachusetts locations and then take photos of them hanging there, with landmarks in the background, showing these things all over the Bay State.

Those guys!

A sample submission:

Lot’s more at Hillbuzz.

Bill Whittle Interviews Two Whistle-Blowers On Islamic Infiltration In The U.S.

Bill Whittle went to Washington, DC to investigate radical Islam’s influence over the U.S. government and access to our national security secrets. Two whistle-blowers have the chilling details.

In Part one Whittle interviews a former State Dept  Analyst who was given an assignment by the Joint Chiefs of analyzing Jihadi ideology and operational methods. He discovered to his surprise that the Jihadi view was the one supported by Islamic law. The reaction to the facts? You won’t be surprised. It gets worse…Find out how badly infiltrated the the United States government is in part one,  here.

How has the election of Barack Obama effected the morality of the intelligence community? How has it effected the morale of our enemies? Why have  attempted and successful terror attacks surged under Obama? Part two is here.

I’ve covered the Islamic paramilitary compound, Islamberg (one of several such compounds in the U.S) on many occasions, (click here and scroll down).

Here’s the FBI, as clueless as ever, picnicing with members of the compound several years ago:

Atlas Shrugs wrote in her August 2007 post about Islamberg:

FBI Agent Phillip Irizarry and other law enforcement officials at the Islamberg picnic

Several years ago, federal and state law enforcement officials finally did descend upon the remote compound but they made the visit neither to make arrests nor to investigate the reports of gunfire and explosions. They rather traveled to the compound to partake of halal hotdogs and Pepsi Cola at a communal picnic and to greet Islamberg’s newly elected mayor.

Tragically, It appears they haven’t wised up since then. Political correctness is going to kill us all.


New Intelligence: Al-Qaeda In Yemen Actively Planning US Attacks

Our President is weak and they know it . . .


Earthquake Damage In Haiti: “Shattering”, “Horrifying”, “Biblical”, “Utter Devastation”

Haitians set up impromtu tent cities thorough the capital after the earthquake

Really, I think there are no adequate words to describe the damage to this already poor and beleaguered country. But I think biblical in proportion comes closest. It’s a hard thing to fathom:

The full horror of the disaster was only beginning to emerge today – with scenes of utter devastation in the densely-populated city.

Bodies pulled from collapsed homes were laid at the side of the road and covered with sheets, with passers-by lifting the covering to discover if loved ones were underneath.

Helpless: A woman waits to be freed from rubble

Obama pledged swift, coordinated support to help save lives. The Pentagon was sending an aircraft carrier and three amphibious ships, including one that can carry up to 2,000 Marines.

The US, China and European states were sending reconnaissance and rescue teams, some with search dogs and heavy equipment, while other governments and aid groups offered tents, water purification units, food and telecoms teams

US airlines suspended commercial flights to Haiti. The quake knocked out the Port-au-Prince airport control tower. The US Air Force sent a team to restore air traffic control to allow flights to evacuate the injured and bring in supplies.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, UN special envoy to Haiti, said more rescue teams and heavy equipment were needed.

‘We need more helicopters,’ Clinton told CNN. ‘The most important thing is to get people into the (collapsed) buildings and find as many alive as possible.’

Here are some links via Michelle Malkin on how you can help:

State Department resources and charities.

Relief efforts list via The Anchoress.

Fund-raising efforts via Chuck Simmins.