Obama’s Coakley Endorsement Remixed

No one’s buying it anymore, comrade. We’ve seen too much:

Video via Weasel Zippers

Latest internal polls ( his and hers) are showing a blowout for Brown. He has all the momentum, and all the excitement on his side. Coakley continues to commit embarrassing gaffes, and the unpopular President is heading for Massachusetts on Sunday to stump for her….

What could go wrong?


See? I’m not the only one worrying.


8 thoughts on “Obama’s Coakley Endorsement Remixed

  1. I don’t even live in Mass. and I donated money to Scott Brown’s campaign… I am praying very hard that the right thing happens and puts Obama in his place once and for all…


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  3. I too pulled out the AmEx and donated to the Brown Campaign. I live in Maryland. I have read some of the comments on articles about the campaign in the Boston Globe and Herald and the vast majority of responses are pro-Brown. The responses to the article in the Herald about Slick Willie’s appearance yesterday were downright funny and derisive of Clinton as a philandering carpetbagger. I don’t think Obama can help Coakely. It appears she will be the latest recipient of tire tracks courtesy of the Bus-Driver-In-Chief Obama.


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