Poll: Which Gaffe Hurt Martha Coakley The Most?

A new Poll Shows Brown at 50%, Coakley 46%

She is losing what should have been a sure thing for a Democrat in a deep blue state. As Scott Brown turned out to be a very strong and appealing a candidate, Martha Coakley has turned out to be the opposite, inspiring long time Democrats to vote Republican for the first times in their lives.

What is causing her downfall?

Michelle Malkin thinks her tongue has been her worst enemy, and Powerline lists some of her most quotable quotes.

Truly, this past week has been a grievous one for Ms. Coakley in terms of gaffes. I was wondering which one harmed her candidacy the most:

You can vote as often as you like.


A new Pajamas Media/CrossTarget Poll shows Brown up by 15% points.


The no Catholics in emergency rooms gaffe is proving deadly to Coakley, at least in the right-wing blogosphere:

Martha Coakley for Senate

No dirty drunken Irish need apply.

And no theivin’ Guineas, either, now that I’m on the subject.

No filthy fish-eating Papists of any kind.

This woman’s truly got some kind of gift.


For the latest on the race, see Legal Insurrection:

Something You Don’t Know About Scott Brown

Brown Up 4 In Suffolk Univ. Poll

The Other McCain:

VIDEO: New Scott Brown Ad Hits Martha Coakley for Ties to Lobbyists



31 thoughts on “Poll: Which Gaffe Hurt Martha Coakley The Most?

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  2. This lady is wonderful. She makes the best damn commercials for Republicans, better than Dear Leader, and he’s pretty good at it too!


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  4. A year ago, the right side of the blogosphere was chanting non-stop that Romney was a RINO from god awful Massachusetts of all places and he should be shunned.

    Today, a guy who is running as a Romney clone with Romney’s own political machine no less, is hailed as a savior.

    Interesting times.


  5. Indeed. In 2008 as well. Too bad to many people focused on the wrong things then and we are in this position.

    What’s funny is that as soon as we dodge this bullet we will be right back arguing who is the biggest RINO again.


  6. A year ago, the right side of the blogosphere was chanting non-stop that Romney was a RINO from god awful Massachusetts of all places and he should be shunned.

    Romney was my guy. But the anti-Mormon vote took him out of the running.


  7. Mine too, Geoff. But I think the immaturity of our party goes far deeper. If Scott Brown was a national candidate in any other time the people who are praising him would be ripping him apart for being the Massachusetts RINO Republican he is.

    Maybe I’m a little bitter. We don’t have the luxury of being hard core conservatives in a 3 to 1 Democrat state. We have to do what we can do. But the irony of people who ripped the crap out of Romney a year ago for not being pure enough fawning over Brown is more than a tad, what, ironic, nauseating, pick an adjective.

    Take a look at the comments thread at Hot Air of Ace’s place. The unconscious epiphanies are amusing. And annoying.


  8. I wasn’t a huge Mitt fan, but I supported him once Fred was out of the running. I could support Brown or Giuliani for POTUS, too, if they’re the nominee. I think either one would be strong, even though I’m pro life. I’ve never been one of those party purists.


  9. Deb-

    Fred was never a candidate. He ran for the presidency with all the gusto he gave his Senate seat, which is to say none. He was a joke, and worse, for a guy who could have staked out a position right of Atilla the Hun with a safe seat in Tennessee, all he did was spend a few weeks staying in hotel suites and tossing the nomination to McCain out of friendship and animosity.

    Fred was and is as rank a politician as there is on the planet and he to say he was some great defender of the pro-life position is a joke. The only thing that will overturn Roe is a Supreme Court decision and that means electing a Republican president. Fred was unelectable. For all his faults, George W did more than Reagan for the cause. Obama is going to set you back decades. Unless you think Sotameyer is going to be a swing vote or you think Romney would have appointed her.

    Sorry, I took way too much crap during the last election not to be honest.


  10. Jackstraw, I know.

    I know someone who went on a conservative cruise with Fred, and she said he was an unapproachable self important jerk.

    A lot of people were fooled by him.

    I’m still not crazy about Mitt, though (and it has nothing to do with his being Mormon) but I would vote for him.


  11. If you get the chance to meet him Deb, you should.

    I’m pretty sure you, and you in particular, will change your mind.

    Personally, I hope he never runs again. I want him back in the VC world. I’ve pretty much lost interest in politicians.


  12. Have fun.

    If you get to meet Mitt, tell him to come back to business. We appreciate talent and the Republican party doesn’t deserve him.


  13. How is that harsh?

    I was told by the right blogosphere Romney wasn’t wanted. I was told that repeatedly. Endlessly. Are you telling me that isn’t true? Even you said you still aren’t sold on him.

    Go Sarah.

    Go Scott, right?


  14. Now now. I’m more sold on him than I am on Sarah. I love Sarah, but I think her role should be on the sidelines at this point.

    I just want someone who is electable. I’m trying to be pragmatic.


  15. Who gives a crap what the south wants now? Seriously, why would the south want a RINO now? And why would any of us dumbass Yankees care?

    If the south or any other region thinks that Scott Brown is a reflection of their desires they are delusional. All politics are local.


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