Ed Schultz On MA Senate Race: “I’d Cheat To Keep These Bastards Out”

I don’t care if this twerp is a long-time sufferer of “genius envy”. There’s no excuse for this kind of on- air stupidity:

Thanks for confirming what we already figured, you Alinskyite, Commie dirtbag, you. The fact that this type of thinking is so widespread among libs, is why so many Republicans no longer trust the integrity of our elections.

Hat tip: Christee Kelley via ExJon on Twitter

More Schultz idiocy at Weasel Zippers:

Ed Schultz Tries To Say Limbaugh Insulted Our Troops With His ‘Meals On Wheels’ Comment…Seriously, Watch The Clip And You’ll Want To Slap Ed Too


A fellow North Dakotan shares his knowledge of the maroon with Weasel’s commenters:

Folks, I live up here on the tundra of North Dakota – and it’s NO SECRET that Big Ed is a total LOON. Actually, we’re happy to share this resource with the rest of America – knowing that he’ll lead a high percentage of the Liberal-progressive lemmings over the cliff.

Ed has a LONG history of animosity against Rush. Before he was the ‘voice’ of the moonbat left, he was a ‘conservative’ radio talk show host in Fargo. He was very jealous that Rush made more money than himself, so he broke the relationship off. After that he was just a conservative talker, but folks got tired of his ranting insanity – so he became a ‘liberal’ talk show host, Air America promoter, etc. He started out his career as a sports commentator, but that ended with a fight in the stands with a fan – LOL He got a little upset when someone tossed a beer at him. LOL Someone should ask him why he shot his hunting dog, or does he beat on his 2nd wife like he did on his first. Yeah, he’s a real POS alright.

I’ve noticed that after the first couple of days, I don’t hear much about him running for Dorgans soon vacant Senate seat. LOL Even the Dems aren’t totally insane.

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Well, Duh

Why didn’t I think of this while the Hillbuzz Photoshop contest was still going on?

Obligatory, and better late than never…

The official: Scene-Stealing Squirrel and Reporter Get Decked By Coakley Staffer photoshop:

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Doomsday Clock Pushed Back One Minute: World Safer Now, Thanks To Obama

What a farce:

Scientists pushed back the hands on the symbolic Doomsday Clock by one minute citing hopeful developments in nuclear weapons and climate change.

The symbolic clock that shows how close mankind is to self-annihilation was moved back to six minutes before midnight from five minutes on Thursday.

I feel a lot safer, now, don’t you?

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, which maintains the clock and puts an illustration of it on its cover, attributed the move to efforts by world leaders to reduce their countries’ nuclear arsenals and collaborate on climate stabilization.

So who makes up this brain trust known as the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists?

The group, which includes 19 Nobel laureates, said a key to the “new era of cooperation is a change in the U.S. government’s orientation toward international affairs brought about in part by the election of (U.S. President Barack) Obama.”

Of course, fellow Nobel laureates, aka one world Utopians. In their vision of reality, if a person sets a goal to rid the world of nuclear weapons by kindly asking everyone to get rid of their nukes,  gets them to sign a piece of paper saying that they’ll get rid of their nukes, or at least think about getting rid of their nukes, we have made important progress and are one step closer to Utopia.

Tipped by Reeko of GI  Woodshop, who wanted to make the point that despite these Utopians’ delusional fantasies, since Obama has been elected, the world is not becoming safer at all. Quite the contrary:

…as ridiculous as them moving the clock back just because a President Obama exists… we must leave their rhetoric for just a bit and forget that they see the world through hopey-changey eyes. the truth is that the world has dangerously moved closer to a nuke holocaust. i made a bet last year that within a year or so, there WOULD be a nuclear incident (not accident) of either: atomic detonation, dirty bomb, or conventional explosive destruction and release of nuclear targets (such as blowing up a nuke in its place. re: the two AF officers recently caught removing safety devices from a silo).

i stand by my bet i made last year. unfortunately, it may be time to double down on it, or at least get serious about digging that bomb shelter in the back yard…
here’s just a few reasons…
the day before the Leftards moved their silly clock back, Dr. Massoud Ali Mohammadi was assassinated outside of his apartment in Tehran. according to reports in middle east and UK media:
“His colleagues at Tehran University claim that Mohammadi was not connected whatsoever with Iran’s nuclear program. However, precedent shows that Iranian universities, especially the chemistry and physics departments, have served as a front for Iran’s nuclear program. They have purchased and hid equipment, and their professors and experts have served as consultants for the program.” (Haaretz 13Jan10)
and from the GuardianUK:
“Last June, Shahram Amiri, a nuclear physicist at Malek Ashtar University in Tehran went on a pilgrimage to Mecca and never returned. Iran said he was seized, but according to many reports, he defected.
Vincent Cannistraro, former head of operations at the CIA’s counter-terrorism centre, said: “It is clear one of them, likely Amiri, is under a different identity living in the US and has been a major source of information. So it’s possible the guy just assassinated in Tehran was killed by the Iranians fearing he was one source on the programme revealed by the defector.”
so what dots need connecting here? the Pakistanian nuclear Dr. A.Q. Khan was promptly allowed to return back to business shortly after Obama won his magical election, and Al Queada we now know did succeed early in 09 to infiltrate at least two known Pak depositories of their nuke weapons. no known word from what was taken or damage done.
a few months later, N Korea set off its second “poof” bomb deep down in the bowels of a mine shaft that, according to most estimates, was only slightly higher yield than its 2006 first poof – this one being between 1 and 2 kt.
forget the missing Soviet suitcase bombs… A.Q. Khan in Pakistan has admitted to helping NK, Iran, Libya etc., although he “confessed” it only from 1989 to 2000. but Pak-Iran-NK nuke technology somehow keeps showing up. there is no doubt that A.Q. Khan and Dr. Massoud Mohammadi knew each other and were nuclear professional contemporaries.
any terrorist organization’s ultimate wet dream would be a “poof” bomb a.k.a. suitcase bomb, low yield, such as the NK tests, that have long been highly suspected of being Pakistanian (A.Q. Khan) developed technology.
even though both Iran and NK leader’s rhetoric is to simultaneously develop ICBM missiles for the same MAD scare tactics that the Cold War, and reap the rewards of joining those superpower clubs, the reality is much, much worse… they are instead developing low-yield “poof” bombs, that are highly portable, hard to detect, and easy to deploy.
the scenario that TV viewers saw on “24” a few seasons ago of a “suitcase” bomb taking out LA has only become far, far more real THIS year.
the Leftards at the “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists” are the same ilk as CRU East Anglia and the UN IPCC. global warming? how bout some nuclear winter to cool it off? *snark*

Nuclear Proliferator A.Q. Khan Now A Free Man – No Restrictions On Movement