Scenes From Obama’s Massachusetts Stump Speech

First, the hecklers: I haven’t seen Obama this rattled during a stump speech, since his teleprompter malfunctioned during the ’08 campaign.:

Allahpundit thought it was strange that he would be so rattled, but honestly…they were pretty loud and disruptive.  Plus, Obama’s speech was so perfunctory, and un-heartfelt, he was probably struggling to stay focused, as it was.

Here he is after recovering, claiming not to know anything about Brown, but insinuating that he hasn’t been “fighting for [the people of Massachusetts] up until now, but…”

Just the usual passive aggressive stuff we’ve come to expect from Obama, I’m kinda surprised ‘the finger’ didn’t make an appearance. And what’s with the anti-pick-up truck sneers? Are we supposed to be put off by pick up trucks, now? Are they analogous with {{{teabaggers}}}.

By the way, when a Democrat says “he’s fighting for you”, what he actually means is he’s creating new entitlements for you in order to buy your vote. Juan Williams says “Americans love entitlements”, and he says that like it’s a good thing.


Flopping Aces has pictures from the Brown rally, today. It appears that Brown drew more people than Obama did.

Indeed, the Obama rally wasn’t even filled to full capacity. I wonder how many people had to be bussed in?


Last  PPP poll: Brown leads Coakley 51%- 46%.

But is it enough to make up for election night fraud?

More crazy/coo-coo/weird/dogs and cats sleeping together/SEIU members for Brown type stuff:

My Prius Is Voting for Scott Brown!

Game over, man!


Scott Brown hit back against Obama’s shocking anti-pick-up truck bias:

In a quip he repeated several times during a campaign appearance for Democrat Martha Coakley, Obama mocked the man who has been driving a pickup truck around the state, claiming he’s a “lockstep” Republican.

“So look, forget the ads, everybody can’t can slick ads. Forget the truck. Everyone can buy a truck.”

Brown took that opportunity to slam the president on government spending..

Mr. President, unfortunately in this economy, not everybody can buy a truck,” Brown said in a statement. “My goal is to change that by cutting spending, lowering taxes and letting people keep more of their own money.”



Video: Mitch McConnell: MA Race A Referendum On Health Care Bill

The Democrats  want to have it both ways. If Coakley wins, it will be because of overwhelming support for the Obama agenda. If she loses, (and this one is looking increasingly difficult to steal), it will be because she ran a poor campaign.

She did, but that’s beside the point.

This is a referendum on the Obama agenda, and Americans, even in the “People’s Republic of Taxachusetts” are recoiling from it.

McConnell also said:

“I think the politics are toxic for the Democrats either way. This arrogant attempt to have the government take over one-sixth of the economy, on the heels of running banks, insurance companies, car companies, taking over the student loan business, doubling the national debt in five, tripling it in 10,” McConnell said. “You’ve got … sort of widespread public revulsion to this program.”

Obama’s chickens…are coming home to roost.



Scott Brown needs you on election day.


About That Little Haitian Girl Trapped In The Rubble…

You read about her desperate plight at Hot Air…no equipment to remove the heavy rubble on top of her crushed leg, no blood supply to do an amputation…the eleven year old girl was crying out for her mother…they finally got her out…

*Deep, deep sigh*.

So much much heartache.

We do what we can. We donate, pray….cry. It’s okay to cry, too.

Here’s a tribute to the earthquake victims, via Lucianne:

Martha Coakey’s Outrageous, Over the Top Campaign Ads Draw Fire, Ridicule, Guffaws

Coakley’s Disgusting Rape Mailer is so over the top it almost looks like satire. Unfortunately, (for Coakley), it is just one more example out of many missteps taken by her campaign. It makes you wonder just who’s calling the shots at Martha Coakley’s campaign headquarters.

You can still vote for her most damaging gaffes, here.

In the meantime, laughter is the best medicine, and Iowahawk, a master of online chicanery, has opened up his comment section for submissions of 30 second Martha Coakley commercials.

He got the ball rolling with:

Say, I really like Scott Brown’s pickup truck. It’s wicked pissah!

Sure, Ted. If you like lynchings.

Whaddaya mean?

Just look at the record, Ted. From James Byrd to Matthew Shepard to the last scene in Easy Rider, pickup trucks are the official vehicles of Southern Republican lynch mobs. So are you still voting for Scott Brown?

No truckin’ way!

One of my faves in the comments:

[Sound of dolphins and laughing children]

V/O: If you are like most people, you love baby dolphins.

Martha Coakley: “I am Martha Coakley, and I love baby dolphins.”

V/O: After all, what kind of demonic, kitten-eating freak doesn’t love baby dolphins?

[Sound of maniacal laughing and chainsaws]

[Chainsaws and laughing fades…children sobbing…dolphins are heard no more]

V/O: Remember, every time someone votes for Scott Brown, a baby dolphin dies.


(Voice over): Republican, Scott Brown has asked “outsiders” to come to Massachusetts to campaign for him in our state.


{{{Sarah palin}}}

{{{Yankee fans}}}

(Images of patriotic crowds, Sarah Palin, Yankees flash across the screen to Psycho shower scene chords).

These people have as much business in Massachusetts as a Republican has in Teddy Kennedy’s seat.

Scott Brown, Republican, thinks it’s “the people’s seat”.

Well, Scott Brown is entitled to his own opinions, but not to his own facts!

Brought to you by the SEIU, ACORN, HCAN, Working Families Party, NARAL, CPUSA.

Check out the rest at Iowahawk’s. It’s not too late to join the fun.

Hat Tip: Doug Ross @Journal