Tonight’s Coakley Rally In Framingham, MA: 3/4 Empty

More evidence of the enthusiasm gap just came in via Twitter:

It just ain’t happenin’ for her.

Game ovah!

Mass Resistance has pictures from Brown’s rally in Littleton, earlier,  today, which attracted hundreds  outside in the snow and ice.

Love this sign:

Mass Resistance also has pix up from a Sunday rally in Boston:

Which attracted a few feeble Obots. Why do I say Obots? Just look:

Someone was listening to Obama’s speech yesterday…but did she actually understand what she was hearing?

Now, we’ve recovered most of your money already, but I don’t think “most of your money” is good enough. We want all our money back. We’re going to collect every dime. (Applause.) That’s why I proposed a new fee on the largest financial firms — to pay the American people back for saving their skin.

What is the connection between a “new fee” and getting all our money back? Isn’t it great that we’ve got most of the money back, and isn’t it enough to get the rest the money back? Why the fee? To punish success? To my ears, it’s a non sequitur.

But instead of taking the side of working families in Massachusetts, Martha’s opponent is already walking in lockstep with Washington Republicans, opposing that fee, defending the same fat cats who are getting rewarded for their failure.

But you didn’t explain the fee. You’re demonizing the bankers — “fat cats” — the very people that you gave our tax money too. And how are they “getting rewarded for their failure” if the bailout worked? Why aren’t you pleased with the effective use of our tax money? It’s incoherent.

Now, there’s a big difference here. It gives you a sense of who the respective candidates are going to be fighting for, despite the rhetoric, despite the television ads, despite the truck. (Laughter.) Martha is going to make sure you get your money back. (Applause.)

Get our money back or impose that “new fee”? Scott Brown isn’t against getting the bailout money back, is he? This is deliberate obfuscation, it seems.

She’s got your back. Her opponent has got Wall Street’s back. (Applause.)

That sounds nicely slogan-y, but what does it mean? You can count on Democrats to be hostile to business? How is it defending us to attack Wall Street, and if it is, why did you give so much of our money to Wall Street?


Pics from Scott Brown Election Eve Rally in Wrentham

The scene at 7:00 pm.

Full report at AoSHQ.


Oooh…Ow: Dem Apparatchik Makes Unfortunate Analogy

And the gaffes...they keep-a-comin’.

Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had THIS to say about Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat…

Van Hollen said Republican predictions that the political climate had changed so much that they can capture the 40 seats needed to regain control of the House was pure hallucination.

“Why would you hand the keys to the car back to the same guys whose policies drove the economy into the ditch and then walked away from the scene of the accident?” Van Hollen said. “For the Republicans to say vote for us and bring back the guys who got us into this mess in the first place, I don’t think it’s a winner.”

He said Democrats expect to see their majority shrink this year because the party that occupies the White House traditionally loses congressional seats in the first midterm election.


Someone is hallucinating here, and it ain’t the Republicans.

Someone jog my memory...did Republicans lose seats in Bush’s  first midterm election?

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers


BDS Meets PDS: John Kerry Combines Bush Derangement With Pick-Up Truck Derangement

The Coakley Camp loves to pile on Brown with anti-pick-up truck snarks. Do they have internal polling that shows  MA voters don’t trust pick up truck drivers? What’s the deal? I don’t understand what they’re doing, here, is this all they got?

Pundette caught this, from yesterday’s rally:

Senator John Kerry, man of the people, used his talents to warm up the crowd for Obama yesterday in Boston:

“I’ve got news for you, Scott: George Bush drove a truck, too, and look where it got us,” Sen. Kerry said, continuing to poke at the campaign ad. “I didn’t know it was a qualification for being in the Senate.”

George Bush drove a truck too? So what?

Check out this wicked shocka from the ’08 campaign:



Don’t look now, but it looks like Kerry has been stricken with T-PDS, as well:

Sen. John Kerry: ‘Teabaggers’ are ‘revved up’.


MA Election Enthusiasm Gap: Coakley Phone Banks Empty

Barney Frank of all people frets that the race is about personalities:

“She let it become a personality contest and that was a mistake,” said Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass. “Some of us complained about it and we think it’s turned around.”

“We are in deep s— if we lose on Tuesday,” a Democratic operative said.

A new poll out of Public Policy Polling on Monday underscored the depth of Coakley’s challenge.

The poll showed Brown leading 51-46 overall, 64-32 among independents and winning 20 percent of the vote from those who backed Obama in 2008. On the flip side, the survey showed Coakley pulling just 4 percent of the vote from those who backed John McCain, in the 2008 presidential race.

And the poll reflected the enthusiasm gap from which Coakley suffers. Eighty percent of Brown supporters said they were “very excited” about Tuesday’s election, while only 60 percent of Coakley supporters felt the same way.

A Suffolk University/7News poll last week showed Brown leading 50-46 percent, with 57 percent viewing Brown favorably. Just 49 percent viewed Coakley favorably in that poll.

We are seeing this enthusiasm gap being played out in all sorts of strange ways, for examples; SEIU workers for Brown, Prius owners for Brown, Brown supporters out numbering Coakley supporters at Coakley rallies. Lifelong Dems are voting for the Republican in this race: “In all my years,” said the 85-year-old local, “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

And today, on the eve of the election, Coakley is having trouble getting volunteers to man her phone banks. Granted, mother nature isn’t cooperating:

Meanwhile, across the street at the Massachusetts Teachers Association, the holiday and a bitter winter storm have kept the crowds away from a phone bank for Democratic candidate Martha Coakley. As of 10:20 this morning, not a single volunteer had yet arrived for the 10am phone bank. MTA Webmaster Meg Secatore tells that the severe snow and ice that have covered Massachusetts highways are keeping people from the phones.

Watch the video of the empty phone bank,  here.

Not all teachers have been staying indoors, however;

photo via Twitpic

Phone banks for Brown, however, are hopping.


A Message to ACORN and SEIU On the Eve of MA Special Election

From tea partiers on Twitter:


All the many tea partiers here on Twitter wanted to send you one final “shout-out” before the big election in Massachusetts on Tuesday.

AND we wanted to share with you the results of our little tweeting campaign we’ve been conducting over the past week.

As you know, we’ve been tweeting articles and You Tube videos to both the National and Massachusetts media throughout the past week. Our tweets were to Newspapers, TV and Radio.

BOY OH BOY, were people interested in what we had to say!

• Over 100,000 tweets were sent;

• Over 20,000 people viewed the articles and videos we sent out;

• One national and several Massachusetts news organizations told us they would be investigating both of your organization’s activities on election day;

• Nearly 3000 people have told us they’d be bringing video cameras to polling places just to video you and yours “having election day fun.” (You wouldn’t beleive where people told us they’d be hiding cameras!) Hmmmm. . . I wonder if any might be disenchanted members of your organizations?

Now, in light of all the attention all of you will be getting on Tuesday, we just wanted to give you some last minute advice:

1. ACORN and SEIU executives: you should wear your best suits, with a Red, White and Blue color scheme. Create that impression you are “All American”;

2. Be sure to wear your American Flag lapel pins;

3. For rank and file members, be sure you wear your Sunday-best SEIU and ACORN T-Shirts over your winter coats. And take time to iron them. It looks so much better on camera when you do.

4. Always SMILE! – You’ll never know when you might be on camera.


Tea Party Nation