A Message to ACORN and SEIU On the Eve of MA Special Election

From tea partiers on Twitter:


All the many tea partiers here on Twitter wanted to send you one final “shout-out” before the big election in Massachusetts on Tuesday.

AND we wanted to share with you the results of our little tweeting campaign we’ve been conducting over the past week.

As you know, we’ve been tweeting articles and You Tube videos to both the National and Massachusetts media throughout the past week. Our tweets were to Newspapers, TV and Radio.

BOY OH BOY, were people interested in what we had to say!

• Over 100,000 tweets were sent;

• Over 20,000 people viewed the articles and videos we sent out;

• One national and several Massachusetts news organizations told us they would be investigating both of your organization’s activities on election day;

• Nearly 3000 people have told us they’d be bringing video cameras to polling places just to video you and yours “having election day fun.” (You wouldn’t beleive where people told us they’d be hiding cameras!) Hmmmm. . . I wonder if any might be disenchanted members of your organizations?

Now, in light of all the attention all of you will be getting on Tuesday, we just wanted to give you some last minute advice:

1. ACORN and SEIU executives: you should wear your best suits, with a Red, White and Blue color scheme. Create that impression you are “All American”;

2. Be sure to wear your American Flag lapel pins;

3. For rank and file members, be sure you wear your Sunday-best SEIU and ACORN T-Shirts over your winter coats. And take time to iron them. It looks so much better on camera when you do.

4. Always SMILE! – You’ll never know when you might be on camera.


Tea Party Nation


8 thoughts on “A Message to ACORN and SEIU On the Eve of MA Special Election

  1. The Houston Chronicle had a front page picture of Evander Hoylfield before the first fight with Mike Tyson. It was pitted as Evil Tyson vs. Good Christian Holyfield, which BTW, was actually true. Holyfield was predicted to lose badly, and when asked how he was going to win against this bulldozer, he replied: I’ll pray. The snide caption above his picture on the front page was: PRAY HARD! Well, Good triumphed over Evil, and today we must all PRAY HARD! Please pray for our country today.


  2. Ain’t technology grand?? Would LOVE to be in MA tomorrow to be part of the fun but I will be watching. Best wishes from Ohio!


  3. Tee-hee! This is so much fun – who knew I would be part of the “agitating” class when I reached middle age? Best of luck, folks – the country is behind all of you. I wish I could be there for the celebration on Tuesday night!


  4. To all in Massachusetts who are supporting Brown and plan to vote for him…God Bless all of you. You are representing all Americans in this fight to keep and maintain our freedom. Freedom from Democratic tyranny, and a president hell bent on stealing our money and controlling every aspect of our lives. Thank you all!


  5. We Floridians are so thankful that God has raised up ‘one good man’ to help fellow Massachusettians in their fight for our constitution and against the socialization of our country. I and many, many others in panhandle of North Fl. are earnestly praying for Scott Brown in this momentous election! May God continue to bless America!


  6. You need to go on the lefty blogs and tell them you are praying for Scott Brown and the people of Mass.. Their heads would explode.
    I donated to SB’s campaign last week.. Colorado proud, waiting to get our lefties out.


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