Video: Scott Brown’s Victory Speech + Political Fallout Round-up

“The independent voice of Massachusetts has spoken”!

The Fallout:

Hot Air: House Dems already starting to run from ObamaCare

American Spectator: Barney Frank Deals Potential Death Blow to Obamacare

Ace-O-Spades: Cool Facts About Scott Brown and Jimmy Carter Part II: Democrats Moving Away Sprinting from Obama and Happy Anniversary Mr. President!

Founding Bloggers: Schadenfreude – Media Matters In Desperate Denial Over Brown Win

Red State: Obama’s Unicorn of Hope and Change Died Under the Weight of Ted Kennedy’s Ego

Must read: Ericksons’s ten things to take away from Scott Brown’s victory, plus this bonus:

A year ago today, Barack Obama was sworn in as President of the United States. Today, he wakes up rejected by the independents who elected him and a social pariah within the Democrat Party. Outside of the Congressional Black Caucus and a handful of far left seats in Congress, it is hard, this morning, to imagine any Democrat wanting Barack Obama to go out on the campaign trail. Every statewide candidate for whom Obama has campaigned since his election has lost.

Michelle Malkin: SEIU president Andy Stern clings to the blame-GOP card and Democrat Sen. Jim Webb on gov’t health care takeover: Whoa, Nelly!

Brent Bozell: The Meanness of Martha Coakley

The American Thinker: The Coming Democrat Counteroffensive

iOWNTHEWORLD: Thelma and Louise Redux and Note To Obama, Pelosi and Reid

Forbes: Brownout For Obama’s Agenda

The Hill: Dem leaders scramble to save healthcare reform after Brown win

Doug Ross: Yo Tanenhaus! Hows That ‘Conservatism Is Dead’ Meme Workin’ Out?

Sarah Palin on Greta Van Susteren:


19 thoughts on “Video: Scott Brown’s Victory Speech + Political Fallout Round-up

  1. The problem Coakley had was that she supported the Health Care and is a left wing liberal when it comes to dealing with other issues. She was doing fine until Reid payed off Nebraska Senator Nelson in such a blatant abuse of taxpayer money and she plummeted even further after the SEIU backroom deal at the White House. For Stern to blame the GOP is ridiculous. It woke up the Democrats and Independents that have been blindly voting for the Democrat in previous elections and they crossed over. If there is one person who should take responsibility for Coakley’s loss maybe Harry Reid should step up. Although Coakley didn’t perform well, campaigned poorly, she still could have pulled it out if not for the blatant disregard of normal citizens’ wishes and the corrupt nature of the back room deals that our Senate displayed.


  2. There’s one other thing. I’m a veteran police office a little long in the tooth and I can’t stand to see this woman or any woman abused like that. I didn’t agree with anything Martha Coakley stood for, her political views, her campaign, or anything else and supported Brown and his stances but when I see these cowards like Obama, Stern, Reid, Frank, and other men throw her to the dogs when in reality they were just as culpable, maybe even more so, it bothers me. It just seems to me that a real man would stand up and take responsibility for his own actions and not throw a woman or anyone else for that matter under the bus. I guess I live in a dream world where guys like my father wouldn’t let something like that happen.


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  4. Just sent 2 e-mails to my Senators in California. Asked if they are still tone deaf and did they see what happened in Massachusetts. Also told them that we in California are going to find a “Scott Brown” of our own. Boxer is our target this year. She’s really arrogant and stupid enough to ignore the anger in our state as well as the entire country.


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  6. Yeah, yeah, conservatives were all estatic in 2003 too when in a special recall election against then Governor Gray Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor of California. With pride they called him the Governator.

    Well, after years of revealing himself for the RINO he was and practically bankrupting the state, conservatives aren’t proud of him now.

    It seems like conservatives keep on making the same mistakes over and over again.



    There has been a wave of videos modeled after the now notorious America Rising theme and their popularity is growing. It must be the music in combination with rapid image rotation, because you could literally make any video popular. If you use this formula and stick pictures of zebras, unicorns and Teletubbies while threatening a revolution – people will cheer and run to the nearest gun store.

    This video however is just embarrassing and indicative that a mental plague has afflicted Massachusetts. Most of us were mortified one year ago at the rumbling Obama train. We were scared to see so many people move lockstep like sheep and support a man for reasons they could not explain. We kept hearing the muffled chant of “yes we can” and “change and hope”, but could not extract any information out of the unfortunate zombies awestruck by the Deity known as Obama.

    We have on our hands a similar phenomena, but it is happening to the ideologically opposing demographic. It is now the “conservatives” assuming troop formation and steadily marching to the beat of Scott Brown. In this video we see parallels between the American revolution and a Brown victory. Really? Equating a minority movement fighting for people’s rights, individualism, liberty and freedom to one of the authors of RomneyCare? Someone pinch me, I am in a never ending nightmare where my fellow Americans move from one Kool-aid station to the next. Yet apparently a great victory is coming tomorrow, a victory so great that it’s greatness will only be eclipsed by the victory itself. Have you actually asked yourself: What does a Scott Brown victory do for you? This is not a Massachusetts miracle this is mass insanity.


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  9. Well, after years of revealing himself for the RINO he was and practically bankrupting the state, conservatives aren’t proud of him now.

    Schwarzenegger may be a RINO, but he has tried to act as a fiscal conservative. It is the Democrat-dominated Legislature and government that has bankrupted the state. Arnie has been trying to fight a holding action against the Dems, but he doesn’t have much to work with.

    You might fairly criticize him on other issues, but the CA budget crisis isn’t his fault.


  10. Really? Equating a minority movement fighting for people’s rights, individualism, liberty and freedom to one of the authors of RomneyCare?

    And here Arkady has completely missed the point. The “minority movement” on the left hand side of the equation does not equal Scott Brown on the right side. It equals the “minority movement” of Tea Partiers and conservative activists who managed to form a successful populist movement in an ideologically hostile environment.

    The equation should compare movements, not movements to candidates.


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