Introducing Jacob Turk, Republican Candidate For MO 5th District

Lee’s Summit conservative, and Marine vet, Jacob Turk is gunning for liberal  single- payer advocate, Emanuel Cleaver’s Congressional seat. Hopefully he will be able to benefit from the anti-big government mood the country is in right now, and ride to victory in November. But he needs fund-raising support to get his campaign started.

Starting today, and ending  Saturday, February 6th, he’s raising funds online for his campaign. You can donate, here.

Third time’s a charm according to Turk on his Facebook page:

Thirty years ago, a college professor from Georgia named Newt Gingrich ran three times before he won a seat in Congress in 1978. In fact, between the two elections in 1974 (the Watergate year) and 1976 (the Jimmy Carter year) the former speaker LOST voter share before he was finally victorious.

Flash forward to 2010: A similar political wind is blowing our way …..with all the makings of an historic victory here in Missouri’s 5th Congressional District.

In 2006, when Republicans lost control the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate, I received 32.5% of the vote. Undeterred, I pledged to work harder – and actually increased my vote percentage in 2008 to nearly 36% — in the “Year of Obama.”

Victory is in the air. And I need your help to win in 2010.

There’s an old saying that the third time is the charm – and just like Newt Gingrich three decades ago, I am positioned for a major upset in my race against Democrat Emanuel Cleaver. Cleaver receives failing grade after failing grade for his policies against businesses that create jobs for American workers, including just a 25% rating from the National Association of Manufacturers.

We need “real change” in Congress. But I can’t make it happen without your help.

Americans are questioning – and rejecting the Obama Administration’s
version of “Change.”

I’m so excited by the possibilities of the Senate race in Massachusetts where Scott Brown has scored an historic victory in such a Democratic stronghold! As the people’s choice, Scott Brown has had an amazing impact raising conservative solutions in a state where a Republican has not held the Senate seat in MA in almost six decades.

Add that to the major Republican victories in New Jersey and Virginia and it becomes clear the political winds are changing.

Can I count on your help? With your contribution we can put up the sails and head towards a victory in November:

Your contribution for $550 will pay for the billboard on I-70 for one month;
A $200 contribution will enable us place ads in newspapers across the district;
Or agree to become one of our “1000 for a $100” by writing a check for $100 so we can print palm cards for our door-to-door campaign efforts.

Momentum is building for sweeping gains for conservatism across the country. We must stop the insanity: pork instead of stimulus, taxpayer-funded bailouts for irresponsible business practices and the latest march to government-rationed health-care.

We must change direction to revitalize our economy and create jobs for millions of suffering Americans. We must enact common-sense, conservative solutions to allow businesses to create the jobs you and your neighbors need.

Every liberal, left wing special interest has a seat at the Obama-Cleaver table…but folks like us don’t. I’ll make sure our friends and neighbors have a strong, conservative voice as your new Congressman from the 5th District.

To implement conservative solutions, we need conservatives in Congress who will vote our values. The best ideas are only ideas unless someone has the courage to implement them. It’s a new decade, a new day, a new race. Time to get in the boat, the sail is going up!

I believe in “Jobs Here, Jobs Now.”

Our businesses, especially small businesses, must have incentives to create job…and our government must support free enterprise.

But I can’t do this alone. Please join my campaign and contribute today. You can mail your contribution for $550, $200 or become a member of the “1000 for $100” today to Jacob Turk for Congress, P.O. Box 2097, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063. I would be so grateful for your support.


Jacob Turk
Republican Candidate,
Missouri’s 5th District

Linked by Ace of Spades HQ: For Congress: Jacob Turk MO-5


11 thoughts on “Introducing Jacob Turk, Republican Candidate For MO 5th District

  1. Thank you for posting, Deb. I’m praying the time is right for Turk.
    Another great one to watch / support is Vicky Hartzler who is taking on US Congressman Ike Skelton in MO-4 (hope it’s not tacky for me to plug her here.)

    You’d love her! I think she & Turk both have excellent chances.


  2. Ok, I’m being petty, but asking for $550, $200, or a $100 kinda makes this “little guy” feel like my help would be unimportant. He should throw in a line about smaller donations or just replace that one with something along the lines of anything you can do to help would be appreciated. Love ya girl (in a brotherly sort of way).Keep up the good work.


  3. Congratulations on your campaign to unseat Emmanuel Cleaver. Wish we could vote but we are not in your district. However, you have numerous supporters in both Clay and Lafayette Counties that I am certain would volunteer. As neighbors to Jackson County, we care deeply about your district and issues that affect us all.

    We have a great opportunity as well to unseat longtime Congressman Ike Skelton in our 4th Congressional District, your neighbor to the east. We believe the man for the job is State Senator Bill Stouffer who won his “blue” leaning district in the northern counties by more than 60%. To beat Ike it will take someone like Stouffer who can win those northern counties while appealing to conservatives in the rest of the district, which Bill does. He has a strong record of fiscal as well as social conservatism. In this race, it is all about jobs and the economy, an area in which Stouffer excels. He’s our bet on who can win the 4th. It would be great to have both of you in Congress. Best wishes from your neighbors to the east.


  4. Jacob Turk,
    After you election we need to continue funding the space program. Please help us realize this goal. It’s crazy for the USA to surrender our lead in space exploration and development of viable returns, as in resources.
    I believe you’ll make a great representative for district 5.

    Thank you,
    Lee Dillard

    If I can be of any assistance in your campaign, please contact me; email->,


  5. I am interested in knowing where your political rallies are going to be. Although I believe that Emanuel Cleaver is doing the best he knows how to do, he is disappointing me. Please keep me posted on your upcoming public rallies. I vote in Missouri’s Fifth District. Emanuel Cleaver is my present congressman.
    Susan Miller


  6. Susan, if you’re on Facebook, you should “Friend” Jacob Turk. He puts out all of his campaign events there. He also has a website you can check. I’m not a member of his campaign – I’m just following the race like you are.


  7. He needs money and he needs volunteers. Any
    help is appreciated, whether it’s $10, $20 or
    whatever you can afford. Also, any volunteer
    help is appreciated.


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