About Obama’s Approval Ratings…

Despite the President’s B+ self- assessment, the American people are giving the him a failing grade. Ed Morissey reports:

…the biggest news is that 57% of adults — adults, not registered or likely voters — give Obama poor marks for his first year in office:

The poll attempted to gauge Americans’ political mood more generally by asking them to describe their feelings about the progress the Obama administration has made in its first year. Thirty-nine percent of Americans say they are pleased with the progress President Obama has made in addressing the problems facing the country, but nearly as many, 37%, say they are upset because they believe his policies are moving the country in the wrong direction. That leaves a middle group of 20% of Americans who describe themselves as disappointed with Obama’s progress because they thought he would have achieved more by now.

Given Obama’s job approval rating of roughly 50%, clearly some Americans who express disappointment with the president’s lack of progress still generally approve of the job he is doing.

The difference probably reflects the personal likability of Obama, but it shows considerable weakness.

Morrissey goes on to say:

Without his personal charm and charisma, Obama would likely already be in Bush territory on job approval, or close to it, even among the general adult population.

Let’s talk about Obama’s personal likability for a moment…because that confounds me. What is charming about being a bold-faced liar? What’s charming about extreme political corruption?  Obama’s  “charisma”, has all but disappeared since he was elected and now has to govern. His most recent speeches and statements, especially the ones having to do with national security, have in fact,  been noted for their cold aloofness.

I noticed very early on in the ’08 campaign, that Obama was a very dishonest, cynical person. He is a man of the far left, after all. These people cannot be honest about their ideology and ultimate goals. Look, I understand that a lot of people were blinded by the hope and change rhetoric…they heard and saw what they wanted to hear and see. But after a year of being constantly lied to?…Why are not more people, even liberals, where….well, Mort Zuckerman is?

50% are still not up to speed with what we’re dealing with here?

You know that feeling you get when a person lies to your face? Not some dumb kid, but a grown up who doesn’t realize that you know the truth, and they’re just spouting a lie right to your face? You don’t know if you should call them out on it (which would be socially awkward) or just nod your head and say….okay….It’s a very unsettling feeling, isn’t it? Well, that’s how I feel every time Obama gets in front of the cameras to talk about, well, just about anything. I think Joe Wilson gets what I’m talking about…

A man who was raised and mentored by communists, sought out the Marxists in collegebefriended and worked with them as a community organizer and state legislator, listened to and accepted the rabid anti-American sermons of  one Rev. Wright for 20 years, and was the most liberal Senator in the US Congress,  cannot be open and honest to the American people about what he’s really thinking.

George W. Bush’s approval rating didn’t go into the tank because he was a cynical, dishonest, and corrupt person. George Bush remains as he’s always been: An imperfect but ultimately honest, decent, and well meaning  person. His approval ratings went into the tank because of the constant pummeling he received from the liberal media which was motivated by vengeance. Vengeance for the impeachment of the genuinely corrupt President who came before him, and vengeance for the “stolen” 2000 election, which the left believed was rightfully theirs, no matter how many recounts in FL proved otherwise.

Anyway, in case you’re wondering why I never trumpet the latest approval ratings for the President, like other conservative bloggers do, as in – *Whoa! Look at this! Obama dipped below 50% in today’s (whatever)  tracking poll!* – it’s because I’m not impressed. At all. I watched a good and decent man get demonized to the point that the vast majority of the fickle masses hated and reviled him. Bush’s approval ratings at the end of his presidency were a disgrace, not on him, but on the American people who were so easily led, and rejected him so thoroughly.

I find it all very dispiriting.

I understand that there is a certain percentage of  hardcore lefties, and low info voters who will always support Obama no matter what he does, but the awakening of the rest of the public to the truth about this current President is happening far too slowly, as far as this girl is concerned.


I continue to be  amused by the already over-exposed President’s assessment that what he needs to to do is get out there more and speak directly to the American people about our “core values” and whatnot:

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Linda Chavez: Fine Tuning the Message

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Miss This Guy Yet?


5 thoughts on “About Obama’s Approval Ratings…

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  2. The chief Obamatard, speaks a lot, but he does not speak to the American people. Rather, ObamA speaks at the people. What we ave here is an inablity to communicate.


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