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Allahpundit thought Chris Matthews destroyed Alan Grayson in this Hardball interview, last night:

But did he?

Grayson seemed awfully smug and sure of himself.

Matthews thinks the  reconciliation idea is crazy netroots talk. Well who does he think runs Washington, right now? These are people who call their opponents tea-baggers, evil mongers and nazis:

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi work to save health care reform

Earlier this week, Pelosi said she did not have the votes to pass the Senate bill through the House unchanged. And Reid, who lost his 60-vote majority on Tuesday, does not have the votes to make wholesale changes to legislation his chamber passed last month.

So, leaders are considering making limited changes that can be passed using a budget process called reconciliation, which only requires 51 votes in the Senate.

The changes being considered track closely with the agreements House and Senate leaders made in White House meetings last week, according to a source. They include the deal with labor unions to ease the tax on high-end insurance plans, additional Medicare cuts and taxes, the elimination of a special Medicaid funding deal for Nebraska and a move to help cover the gap in seniors’ prescription drug coverage. Pelosi is also working to change the Senate provision that sets up state insurance exchanges. The House prefers a single, national exchange.


Video: Karl Rove: Midterm Elections Could Be “Explosive”

“The architect” is in his element discussing the free-fall  Obama and the Dems are in, and  Obama’s “pathetic” performance at the townhall in Ohio, yesterday.

The question of the week: Will he pivot? I’m with Rove –  Obama is showing no signs of a learning curve. He is still playing by the Alinsky handbook…it’s all he knows: How do I fool them, today?

He’s reinvented himself as, “Mr. Populist” “Mr. Hot Angry Beating My Fist”, “Mr. Accountability” and “Mr. Transparency”… Give me a break.

The WH apparently thinks the anti-bank populism is a winner with the American people. It’s going to be a looong 3 more years.


The Real Obama

Matthew Contenetti at the Weekly Standard has doubts about Obama’s ability to learn from mistakes, as well:

In the liberal worldview, Scott Brown’s victory is not a signal that Democrats have overreached. It is that the American people are “angry” and “don’t understand” all the good liberals are trying to do for them. “The same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office,” Obama told George Stephanopoulos last week, as if the American people are a bunch of emotional basket cases who have no grasp of public policy and no ability to distinguish between Bush Republicans and Obama Democrats.

And there you have another incorrect assumption that is key to the Obama Myth. Question is, will Obama and the Democrats learn their lesson? Or will the people be forced to give them another in November?

The second one!


Krauthammer Quips: ‘Best Week I’ve Had Since Spring Break in Medical School’

You know, this is an amazing week. Massachusetts goes Republican, health care dies and the Supreme Court unshackles the First Amendment. It’s the best week I’ve had since spring break in medical school — and I don’t even remember it [laughter from other panelists].

And there was another item which you mentioned: Air America, the liberal talk show network went out of business — which is a redundancy because nobody was listening anyway.