Axelrod Defends Obama’s Shock and Aw-ful First Year On ABC’s “This Week”

This man is so annoying…

Transcript via ABC News:

MORAN: But it is not just the situation, is it, David? I wonder if it’s also — and this is what I’m asking — the policies and the approach of the president. If you had the last few months leading up to this political moment to do over, what would you do over? What have you learned?

AXELROD: Well, look, first of all, some of those policies were ones that no one wanted to undertake but were absolutely essential. Nobody wanted to have to throw a lifeline to the financial sector. Nobody wanted to shore up the auto industry. Nobody wanted a $787 billion emergency Recovery Act as our first initiative as president.

Nobody wanted you to do any of those, things, either. Especially the bogus $787 billion boondoggle which did more harm than good.

But the — but our responsibility was to make sure that the economy didn’t tip into a second Great Depression, which was a real possibility. But those were not popular things to do.

Bull, you were actively exploiting a  “crisis” so you could expand the government, pure and simple.

I have no regrets about that. I think history will look back and say the president of the United States met his responsibility.

I think not. At this point, I’d be surprised if Obama even stays in the country once he’s voted out of office after running the country into the ground.

So, Axelrod doesn’t think they’d do anything different. After all the lies, threats, ugliness, corruption, hypocrisy, and tawdry politics...they wouldn’t change a thing?

MORAN: You wouldn’t do anything differently?

AXELROD: In terms of health care, one of the — one of the — one of the great burdens, one of the great burdens on middle-class families across the country, whether they have insurance or not, on small businesses, on government generally is the cost of health care. And what the president tried — has tried to do and it continues to try to do is deal with that, so people don’t have to — don’t have to face bankruptcy if they get sick, so that if you have a pre-existing condition, you can get covered, if you’re a small business, you can afford health care. This is all part of bringing economic security to the American people.

Have the American people not made themselves clear? We don’t want what you’re selling. Health care reform is not even a top priority for “middle class families”, especially not  the  thoroughly corrupt boondoggle you’re trying to inflict on us against our will.

And stop pretending you’re trying to help the middle class….(your natural enemy), when you know, and we know,  you’re not.

But process, eight months of debate, were less than satisfying. And that was clear. And if you look at the polls out of Massachusetts, people reacted as much to the process as anything else. Were there things we could have done there? Perhaps. We have to think that through.

Yes…. Think, that one through…That’s why you get paid the big bucks.  Should Obama have promised repeatedly during the ’08 campaign that the process would be totally transparent, no behind closed doors deals, negotiations covered on CSPAN… and then gone on to do the exact opposite? Should he have repeatedly lied to the American people about what was in or not in the bills?  “Less than satisfying”, indeed.

But this president’s never going to stop fighting to create jobs, to raise incomes, and to push back on the special interests’ dominance in Washington and this withering partisanship that keeps us from solving problems.

Obama’s done such a amazing job “fighting” for all those things, creating jobsraising incomes,  pushing back on special interests…(like Big Pharma, the AMA, AARP, SEIU, to name a few). It takes Obama and his camp’s special blend of hypocrisy, and cynicism to lambaste “special interests” while taking vast amounts of special interest  money and wheeling and dealing with them behind closed doors. Good God, it’s almost too much to take.

There’s no doubt about it. They think we’re stupid. And they’re going to shove ObamaCare right down our throats whether we like it or not because they know what’s best for us.

Axelrod thinks that’s good politics.

Also good politics:

Fake letter-writing campaigns to prop up the President.

That’s the game plan…Double-down and how can we fool them, today?

That’s all they got. That’s all they know.

Unfortunately for them, The magic is gone.


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