The Shuster/Breitbart Blowup on MSNBC

#1 – Why invite a guy onto your show “to make his case” if you’re not willing to let him get a word in edgewise?

#2 – Isn’t Shuster supposed to be an objective journalist?

#3 – Hey, isn’t Shuster the same maroon who was wondering last week, if there were an equal number of pro-choicers at the big pro life march in Washington, when the actual ratio was approximately 350,000 to 5?

Correction: Oops, that was CNN’s Rick Sanchez. Why do I get those two confused? (That was a rhetorical question).

#4 Shuster’s a schmuck.

AceHot Air, and Big Journalism have  more

Michelle Malkin links in Buzzworthy, thanks



22 thoughts on “The Shuster/Breitbart Blowup on MSNBC

  1. Brietbart should not engage a motormouth like this without a prepared text, he doesn’t do well in the eyes of Liberals who care more about destroying an opponent than finding the truth. A Liberal told me recently that “the personal is political” is still a bedrock pillar of Liberalism. Translation: I think whatever I want to and hate you for contradicting me about it no matter how obviously untrue it might be because I’m smarter than you are.


  2. beady eyed and mealy mouthed, who thinks this guy should represent anything that has the word trust written on it within a block?


  3. My computer’s running really slow, and the video keeps freezing. I kinda like it when that happens because you can sort of study their facial expressions. While Breitbart looks annoyed at times, Shuster looks like a complete douche. Freeze frame on Olbermann sometime…DOUCHE-tastic. Same with the President, who can also look quite evil.

    I’ve done it with Glenn Beck, and he just looks like a harmless teddy bear. President Bush has some silly expressions, but never looks mean.

    I think it’s telling.


  4. Beck is HONEST!

    That alone is enought to make him better than the piece of crap that is schuster.

    If I cared nothing for laws, I would crush his body and soul. What a piece of crap. Might want to link his Morning joe clip where he says “I’m an Independant” “OH! Dave, YOU are an independant, Yeah, you are an independant, so you don’t have a party.” stuff that Joe Scarborough laid on him.


  5. Actually this video makes MSNBC look pretty silly. They invite a guy on the show so that they can talk over him while he’s answering their questions. I just found out that MSNBC got some of our taxpayer stimulus money. I didn’t know that and the whole premise of the “interview” changed upon hearing that and rendered MSNBC neutered on trying to “interview” anyone that opposes Obama and crew. If I may, to a trained “listener” this is what was said: MSNBC reported inaccurately on wiretapping, nicknamed the arrest as “little Watergate”, admitted they were wrong on wiretapping, and tried to categorize evidence as “flyers” when in reality there were financial documents and other evidence that the AG ignored, and didn’t consider aiding child prostitution and tax evasion as crimes and their whole “status” as objective was blown out of the water when we learned they got stimulus money. The rest is just noise.


  6. This is just another example of blatant bias by a so-called “reporter” for MSNBC. The pathetic thing is, this is probably SO typical of many reporters today that normal, uninformed people who watch it aren’t shocked or angered at anything other than the childish reactions of both men.

    They just don’t realize how screwed up it is that a reporter, someone who is BOUND by ethical standards, is using his position to shove his opinions down the throats of the viewers and a GUEST to his spot.

    Good thing AB was well aware of what this clown was up to and documented EVERYTHING. It helps folks see just what depths Schuster the Shyster and others like him will go to in order to get a story on the air that fits their views.


  7. Of course, someone like you, Nicedeb, who’s really soooo interested in “politics” would find something ‘telling’ in freeze frame shots of people you don’t like. Very telling indeed! I don’t like Shuster as an interviewer either. But really what is all this about MSNBC looking silly because they invited a guy on a show and talked over him – O’Reilly does it all the time! MSNBC is no more biased than Fox (the MSM media outlet you conservatives love so much) One has some liberal programming on it, the other is conservative – so bloody what! As for Brietbart and his employee O’Keefe – they are a threat to ethics in journalism and they’ll deserve everything they get.


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  10. Whatever, Mal. I’m not allowed to observe facial expressions because I’m interested in “politics”, or something. As always, solid argument, there.

    And as far as the comparisons between Shuster and O’Reilly, Shuster will literally interrupt and filibuster so the interviewee is unable to make his points. It’s a well known lefty debate tactic. O’Reilly will get into shouting matches with lefty douchebags who try it on his show, but, generally he allows his guest to talk. He doesn’t engage in the “ambush” interview, or try to get them on the show under false pretenses like Shuster did with Breitbart.

    Plus, The O’Reilly Factor is a news opinion show. You know going into it that he’s coming from a point of view, although he tries to be “fair and balanced”. Shuster is supposed to be an impartial, unbiased reporter.

    I don’t know if you pay attention to the cable news ratings…but Fox, which didn’t receive a penny of Obama’s stimulus money, is shellacking the competition. And by shellacking, I mean the competition isn’t even close.

    The nauseatingly pro-Obama station, MSNBC, which reportedly took billions, is in third place. What does that tell you?


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  13. Which planet are you on, Nicedeb? O’Reilly doesn’t engage in ambush interviews?!!! If you paid any real attention to his show you would know that his employees regularly engage in this practice on his behalf – it’s a staple of tabloid tv, for goodness sake. I don’t suggest that you are not allowed observations of subject’s faces on tv – just that you’re incapable of any thing that approaches a more thoughtful depth of analysis because of your prejudices. Your blog is riddled with sloppy definitions of liberalism and an obvious addiction to right wing conspiracy theories. Finally, the Twilight books are popular too – doesn’t make them great literature. Neither is popularity is an indicator of truth. Oh, and finally – what’s your source for MSNBC taking billions of dollars of stimulus money – Fox? How much exactly? What for? You’re a fact free zone here – a petty, whingeing cabal of conservative know-nothings who are willing to believe any crap as long as it fits in to your ideology.


  14. Forgot to say – filibustering is also the standard on O’Reilly’s show – particularly with interviewees he doesn’t like. Again you show your disdain for the truth.


  15. So you’re a regular Fox viewer, Mal? You must be a real glutton for punishment as much as you loathe it. I would never pretend to be a regular MSNBC viewer because I find the personalities insufferable.

    But then my M/O isn’t to argue through subterfuge, like you weasels on the left.

    Please point out where my blog has tried to define liberalism, not that it’s a difficult thing to do.

    I would say it’s somewhat sloppy and obnoxious to define Fox news as “tabloid t.v,” but whatever.
    You might be surprised to hear I’m not even a big fan of O’Reilly, (not sure what gave you the idea that I was) he’s a bit of a hot head, but like I said, he does give his guests a chance to speak. If they start spewing bogus talking points, he will will call them out on it, which is a good thing.

    If you watch the clip, the stimulus allegation is one that Breitbart is making. I imagine he’s alluding to the $139 billion bailout GE, MSNBC’s parent company is getting.


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