Video: Jack Cashill on the Media’s Malpractice (Again) At March For Life

Watch this, and you’ll find your emotions running the gamut from blood boiling anger at the disgraceful MSM’s fraudulent coverage, to being moved to tears by a young pro-lifer’s witness:

More than any other event, the march showed the eye-popping and mind boggling corruption of the MSM.

Here is Cashill’s post at the American Thinker on the Impressive Media Malpractice at March For Life.

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Hat tip: Weasel Zippers



6 thoughts on “Video: Jack Cashill on the Media’s Malpractice (Again) At March For Life

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  2. I have witnessed the fraud of the media first hand on just this issue. And at my Uber-Liberal job I see the deranged mind set that is the product of many years of KBG style disinformation. It is humbling to feel the power of these Monolithic-Mega-Giant-Liars. I guess the hardest part is the fact that so many are sheeple and don’t really care about the truth nearly as much as they want to get along and not invite trouble for themselves. It seems like the higher up you go, the more you find those who have practiced the art of passivity and acquiesence to current Liberal Groupthink. But we know of one who came to turn brother against brother, and father against son in pursuit of the Truth. I shall pray to him right now.


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