In Case You Missed It: The SNL Scott Brown Video

This is pretty funny:

Minor quibble – I love Fred Armisen’s impression of Barney Frank, but he showed too much teeth. Doesn’t he realize that no one has ever seen evidence of even a single tooth in Frank’s mouth? This has been the subject of much discussion.

Armisen needs to refine his impersonation just a tad to reflect that curious fact.

Hat tip:  Robert Costa at National Review, who also has Scott Brown’s reaction to the skit.


NBC has blocked the youtube video, but you can still watch the Gawker t.v. version at the NRO link, above.

Linked by Michelle Malkin in Buzzworthy, thanks.



8 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It: The SNL Scott Brown Video

  1. NBC has blocked the video — what idiots. I was slowly coming around to thinking that if SNL is funny again perhaps I should start watching. By blocking this, the bean counters have stopped my thinking along that track.


  2. You can still watch it over at NRO, that one was not a Youtube video.

    I have have trouble embedding most videos besides Youtube, on WordPress, so I usually look for the Youtube version if I want to post the video.


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