Cringe-Inducing: Robert Gibbs Mocks Sarah Palin’s Hand notes

Robert Gibbs is always cringe-inducing, of course,  especially when he’s trying to be funny:

This has to be a new low for the Obama White House. Is this any way for the Press Secretary, a man who represents the President of the United States, to behave?  Can you imagine any White House spokesperson up until now engaging in such puerile behavior?

Did one of Obama’s teen-aged speech writers put him up to it?

What’s worse, Obama had apparently paid today’s press briefing a surprise visit, and called for an end to “petty politics”:

“The people who sent us here expect a seriousness of purpose that transcends petty politics,” Obama said afterward, making a surprise appearance in the White House briefing room.

Actually, a good many of the people who sent you all there are suffering from a serious case of voters’ remorse.

The “Hope and change”  idiocy is the last thing they should be reminding duped voters of.


The American Thinker: I Was A Teenage President


Slublog at AoSHQ agrees:

Robert Gibbs Is An Immature, Cartoonish Buffoon:

Sarah Palin may be a public figure, but she is technically a private citizen. It doesn’t matter who is being targeted, this sort of mocking is unbecoming and displays a juvenile mindset on the part of the press secretary that does not reflect well on the president.

The AP also found it to be a bit much:

White House mocks Sarah Palin from podium

Many in the room, where President Barack Obama had spoken just moments before about the need for bipartisanship, groaned at the political shot.



17 thoughts on “Cringe-Inducing: Robert Gibbs Mocks Sarah Palin’s Hand notes

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  2. Bobby Gibbs and the entire White House staff are morons. By stooping down to mock a private citizen, they are elevating Sarah Palin. If Mrs. Pallin were the hick from the sticks the MSM tries to protray here as, why does the presidential press secretary find it so necessary to mock her?

    The former governor of Alaska has gotten under the skin of the Obami, and they can not hide it. Go Sarah!


  3. Gibbsey’s gosh-awful tie clashes with his bracelet.
    Perhaps his wardrobe assistant is the same as the First Wookie’s?


  4. I guess Palin does not understand satire. Palin’s hand job just shows all of us what kind of dullard we are up against, I have not seen this since junior high. WOW and some call her a leader….please.


  5. I think it’s strange they want to go after Palin’s bullet points on her hand when their guy has to read every word off a teleprompter (and badly at that….corpse-man anyone?) even when speaking to 6 year olds at an elementary school. Are they trying to say she’s dumb because she needed 3 general reminders? or that she’s dumb because she wrote on her hand? It seems dangerous to me to go down this road when the president himself CANNOT go off the prompter. hello? what are they thinking? Does anyone remember the weird, cheery “shout out” before the statement during the Ft. Hood shooting? That’s what happens when the big O goes off script. Maybe he should take a cue from Sarah and start scribbling on his hands. Or maybe he should just stop talking. That would be nice.


  6. Everyone with an IQ over 80 laughs at Sarah Palin. She’s the new Dan Quayle.

    I don’t believe that you could possibly know what people with an IQ over 80 do.


  7. All these comments are tainted by partisanship. An objective view is that Palin is no idiot and Obama is no genius. Palin appears to be a very significant voice in the public debate and the administration can only counter that influence via sober response to the points she raises. Any digression into name calling discredits the administration. It only is effective with the small and shrinking number of partisans on either side. A very smart politician said a year before his election, “Look, it come down to 47% on one side and 47% on the other with the decision by the 5% in the middle. If the administration wants to win that 5% they need to show her policy recommendations are flawed. The typical washington demonization has backfired and will continue to backfire. If they don’t they will “lose” by not even coming out on the field.


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  9. Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives. John Stuart Mill. Sarah may not be stupid (hmmmm) but she’s certainly one of the bigger hypocrites in your sphere of politics.


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