Joe Biden Claims He Always Knew The Surge Would Work

We live in the internet age now, which can be awkward for politicians who are asked to explain past statements, caught on video. On Face The Nation, yesterday, Biden said he never once doubted that a surge in troops would “help settle things down”??? This Naked Emperor News video exposes Biden’s shameless b.s.

According to Sheriff Joe, we would have been airlifting troops off of buildings in the Green Zone if we had persisted with the surge.

Well, we did persist, and all of the dire predictions Democrats like Biden and Obama made, never happened. In fact, the opposite happened – things “settled down”, enough to bring them home on the Bush administration’s scheduled timetable, which of course, Biden has had the gall to call one of the great achievements of the Obama administration.

The “loyal opposition” despicably played politics with a war, and now is trying to claim “responsibility” for its successful outcome.

Transcript via Face the Nation:

JOE BIDEN: Look, we’re not– we’re not– we’re not taking credit, we had to take responsibility.
When we took responsibility for the mess that were handed to us at the end of last year, an
awful lot of very informed news people like you, Bob, were wondering whether or not that
country could be put together.

From the beginning, I’ve been on your show so many times in the previous years, and my
mantra was: This requires a political solution. I never once doubted that additional American
forces would, in fact, meet the military objective of settling things down. But nothing would
matter, we would not be able to leave unless there was a political accommodation.
What we did and we didn’t responsibly from the day we took office is put that in motion. I have
been to Iraq four times this year, fourteen times already. I have met with every single solitary
one of the players in Iraq–Sunni, Shiate, Kurd, Christian. And we have been able to be a
catalyst for them moving from settling their political differences on boundaries, on territory, on
oil, etcetera, from the battle field to the political arena.

And so, I think, we’ve managed it very, very well. I think we’re going to be able to be out of Iraq,
with all of our combat troops–ninety thousand, by the end of August. I think we’ll be out leaving
behind an electorate that had just put in place a parliament that is viewed as legitimate across
the board. And we’ll be able to get out of Iraq at the end of 2011 leaving behind a stable

Now anybody who tells you, including Dick Cheney, that they knew how they were going to get
there January of last year, I would find it somewhat surprising. I give him– I don’t care who gets
credit. My generic point is–we have managed this very well thus far. The Iraqis have done really
good work. It this works it’ll be a great credit to the Iraqis and a great credit to our military and
civilian leadership that we’ve moved to the point that a nation that was in chaos is now a nation
not needing American forces, having a economic and–

R (overlapping): Well–

JOE BIDEN: –and political relationship with United States and a democracy.

BOB SCHIEFFER: –do you– do you– do you think also that George Bush would also need little
thanks for that? I mean, does he share in the credit or not?

JOE BIDEN: Well, sure. I– I’m happy to thank George Bush.

He had to be shamed into allowing George Bush partial credit for winning the war, they undermined at every opportunity!

BOB SCHIEFFER (overlapping): Okay.

JOE BIDEN: I like George Bush, but I– I think– the thing– and all the– if you go back and think
about it–


JOE BIDEN: –we’ve been on so many of your programs, it was constantly–what is their political

Yes, but of course the Bush administration had a political as well as a military solution, and yes it was predictable that we would have our troops out by the agreed-to timetable. And the Obama administration was not handed “a mess”  in Iraq.

One of the reasons the right wing blogosphere declared November 22, Victory in Iraq Day, back in Nov. 2008, was because we knew the MSM was never going to give President Bush the credit for winning the war:

I don’t think that even the most hardened cynics among us at the time would have guessed that the Obama administration would eventually try to take credit for it.

Just shameless.


Biden: Iraq “One of the Great Achievements of this Administration”

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers

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  3. And liberals still think Crazy Joe Biden is a better choice for vice president than Sarah Palin?

    Let me preface that first question with this… Of the sheeplike, huggy-feely-capitalism-is-bad-because-Michael-Moore-told-me-so liberals who voted for Barack Obama and actually know WHO is our vice president…


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