Congressman Mike Pence Visits Bloggers’ Row

Mike Pence rocked the house, at CPAC, this morning:

He visited the bloggers lounge, a bit  later in the afternoon, and took some questions:

Little known facts: Mike Pence was once a radio commentator. Also, he was the first Congressman to have his own blog.

When asked what the chances were that the Republicans would retake the House, Pence said, 100%!



One thought on “Congressman Mike Pence Visits Bloggers’ Row

  1. Nice Deb that was awesome! He gives good speech. But some Morons on ACE don’t like the guy and believe he’s not for real and has some skeletons in the closet. He speaks so well and has that ebullient Gipper charm that I believe he could do it barring the unforseen. Sarah is not up to it and won’t be for awhile. Terriffic!


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