Dramatic Olbermann

Thought you might enjoy this:

That was probably his reaction to this:

And this:

There really is no reason for anybody to tune into MSNBC, when you can watch clips from his trainwreck of a show on YouTube.



4 thoughts on “Dramatic Olbermann

  1. Where are the black faces? Who cares? Why must they be everywhere there are white faces? They are perfectly free to congregate anywhere in publc that they please including Tea Parties, or by themselves with no white faces around and the question is never asked, where are the white faces? Is there some law or moral imperative that requies that wherever there are white faces there must be black faces? And by what authority does this law or moral imperative come to us? Is it in the Constitution or the Bible? Does the Pope, the Rabbinate or even the Grand Ayatollahs teach us this? Do they have to be 100% black or would two 50% blacks count as one black face? And how could we tell? Perhaps Olbman thinks we should all have DNA-tested-government-certified-racial-bar=codes on our foreheads that reveal precisely how much “black” DNA we have so we could count everyone in a crowd and decide if that crowd is legal and racially mixed enough to assemble. And how do we classify it? Should we use the classification system that the “Native Americans” use of full Native American, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/16th, 1/32 or less? Or should we go back to the pre-civil-war era hypodescent system of racial classification categories of the Quadroon, Octoroon, Quintroon, ad infinitum, or do we just keep the current racial claissification that the government uses to divy up the racil spoils system?
    NICE DEB These are questions that must and will be faced head-on in the future and should be addressed right now by conservatives. But if you don’t want to deal with it now, I understand very well why you wouldn’t want to, and shall cease and desist these polemics here. But I must add that Liberals will not and we should answer their insane charges that we do not have freedom of assembly without racial quotas. It is your blog. Hope you are doing well in DC.


  2. The LEFT are obsessed with the color of skin. This was NOT Martin Luther King’s vision. We were supposed to judge a person by their character not their skin. I guess the liberals have a formula for how many black faces should appear with a certain group. The formula DOES NOT apply to them, because they are so “enlighten” about race. Also, if the black person happens to be conservative, then they don’t count as “blacks”. As an example, all of blacks that served in the Bush administration didn’t count. This is very sickening.


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