CPAC Day 3

An on fire Andrew Breitbart was introduced by the charming and lovely Hannah Giles, at 9:00 am, and brought down the house. His message to the MSM was: Bring it on! I’ll put up a video as soon as one appears, because you’re going to want to see that.

In the meantime, here is an interview he did with Politico, yesterday:

Live streaming coverage of CPAC at Townhall.

Pajamas Media is covering the tea party angle, at CPAC,  here.


Andrew stopped by the bloggers lounge, and held court for awhile,after his speech. Oh my goodness does that man love to talk! He was very affable, and approachable,  took questions, and cheerfully posed for pictures. I thanked him for the awesome job he’s been doing taking on the liberal establishment…for being our Pied Piper so to speak.

I didn’t have my camera with me, I had left it up in my room, so you can imagine my frustration as everyone else was clicking away. Cynthia Yockey graciously volunteered to snap a photo of me with him.

The Other McCain, who we can thank for nabbing Andrew, has more, here.

Breitbart’s confrontation with Salon dweeb Max Blumenthal, at The Newsreal Blog.


Ann Coulter speaking now. She is killing out there. Coulter will almost certainly be Olbermann’s Worst Person of the day for calling him a girl…. Remember, live streaming, here.

I thought she was joking when she said that The National Enquirer was up for a Pulitzer prize. Apparently not.


I spoke briefly with a worker rights activist, and proprietor of the Workforce Fairness Institute Website, yesterday, and he informed me that The Employee Free Choice Act, (or Card Check) is not as dead as we might want to think.

The danger of the Employee Forced Choice Act extends well beyond a denial of workers’ democratic rights. EFCA would dramatically change the nature of the American workplace, inserting Washington bureaucrats into the most basic decisions about your job or your business. If an employer and a union don’t reach a contract agreement within 90 days, a Federal “arbitrator” can step in to unilaterally impose contract terms — without a full vote of the workforce that is currently required in union contract negotiations. That’s right: EFCA not only ends automatic elections on whether to form a union, but it drastically undermines your right to vote on contracts too.

EFCA would create a culture of cynicism and mistrust in American workplaces — when surveys show that over 74% of workers not in unions are satisfied with workplace relations. Workers could see unions formed in the dark of night and take over control of their workplace without their knowledge.  Stealth union campaigns could target workers again and again to sign cards in their homes at night or wherever a union could track them down. And at the end of it, Federal bureaucrats could be given absolute control to impose unfair contracts dictating how workers do their jobs.

I’m adding his website to my blogroll,


Ed Morrissey has been quite busy: See Hot Air for  his interviews.


Glenn Beck is tearing up the place…and he brought his blackboard – too funny!

Live streaming, here.

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