Random CPAC Pix

Obi’s Sister, R.S. McCain, and Cynthia Yockey

Fausta, Attila Girl, Obi’s Sister, Eric

Finger’s Malloy, RWS,

Obi’s Sister, Eric, Baldilocks, Cynthia Yockey, Jeff from Americans United For Life, Val Prieto – Babalu

Attila Girl, Cynthia Yockey, Barbara, Obi’s Sister, ND

A view of Coulter from bloggers row

The blog lounge’s big screen t.v. is frankly better for viewing the CPAC speakers

ND and Evan Sayet

C Prater, Dana Loesh, Tabitha Hale

ND and Bill Whittle

Bloggers Row

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ND and C Prater



10 thoughts on “Random CPAC Pix

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