Video: Andrew Breitbart’s CPAC Speech

I forgot that I had promised to post this when it got to Youtube. Here it is:

Part One:

Part Two:

One of the highlights of my trip to DC, was the chance to thank this man in person for everything he’s been doing to call out the liberal media, which has been given a free pass for far too long. Those days are over, thanks to the alternative media. What  Breitbart has been doing is not only helping conservatives get equal time with his various blogs – he’s  actually going on the offense against the MSM. The man is on the warpath.

The liberal media is on the defense, now. That is new.. and it’s exhilarating to watch.

See Also:

Jimmie Bise at the Sundries Shack for a good summery of Breitbart’s exploits at CPAC.


3 thoughts on “Video: Andrew Breitbart’s CPAC Speech

  1. It sure didn’t take ’em long to attack Andy with a big black thug! They are trying to intimidate him and it’ll get worse too, perhaps a lot worse. But that little bodyguard seemed to have the pluck of a UFC guy, and it seemed that big-ugly-criminal-goon almost got a very big surprise! I hope Andy is perpared for all this, but from the look of it he is.


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