More Videos From The Health Care Summit: Issues vs Tissues

The Democrats today spent at least half of their time recounting health care sob stories, an ineffective ploy in my estimation, since everyone agrees that the system needs reform.  Red State’s Caleb Howe summed it up on Twitter: Republicans come to summit with issues, Democrats with tissues.

I’m baffled as to why the Democrats chose this woman to argue for their side, but they did. Here’s Rep Louise Slaughter (D-NY), sharing a tale of woe allegedly from one of her toothless constituents:

Rep Paul Ryan (R-MI)was solid in his dissertation about the difference in in Repub/Dem philosophies. Yes, there are differences. No we are not close to agreeing on this bill:

It seems to me that the Republicans did a better job choosing their Reps for this Kabuki show.


See Vodkapundit for Obama’s reaction to Ryan’s words: Obama’s Death Stare

Hat tip: Pundette for Ryan video.



6 thoughts on “More Videos From The Health Care Summit: Issues vs Tissues

  1. Jeez Loouise! What a simpleton! I’m so glad this sad farce is over and I’ll bet it is not having the effect that they want. Please note: I think the real reason for them pushing so hard is that they know that if they don’t get votes from the”31 million uninsured” they’re out! This is their raison d’être along with “social justice.” Otherwise they would all have to get real jobs. I hate Liberals so much I must pray for them, and rest in the knowledge that God will deal with them better than I ever could, and He Shall Repay.
    Romans 12:19


  2. My gold-plated insurance has never covered implants or much dental work at all.

    Do the Brits have good dental plans in their nationalized medicine?


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