Video: Fireworks Between McCain and Obama During Health Care Summit

After McCain spends time complaining about the process, a petulant Obama alludes to “talking points” (everything Repubs say is a “talking point”), and tells him “We’re not campaigning anymore – the election is over”… Obama comes in at 4:30:


Jim Geraghty writes at The Campaign Spot:

I’m sure Obama wanted to paint McCain as bitter about his defeat, but in a way, it just underlines one of my favorite points about Obama: Everything he says sooner or later reaches its expiration date and gets forgotten when it becomes inconvenient.

His response really didn’t have anything substantive about McCain’s legitimate complaints about the process; he just said that he wanted to move on to the policy.

What else can he say?

He’s reduced to refuting  Republican points by calling them “talking points”, “stagecraft”, “props”, “campaigning”.  Alinsky would be proud.

Ace says:

Pretty good moment. After mentioning the Louisiana Purchase and the Cornhusker Kickback, McCain noted, to Obama’s grimacing face, the deal with Phrma, in which Phrma agreed to cut costs $80 billion and run $150 million in ads supporting ObamaCare in exchange for an agreement to limit competition on prices in Medicare and opposition to drug re-importation from Canada.

Obama’s answer? “We’re not in campaign mode anymore.”

He doesn’t answer the charges. He just claims that to talk about how corrupt the process is would be unhelpful.

Unhelpful for him, he means.

True. And McCain was way too gracious about it.

Click on the link to see Gabe’s list of rules, Obama has enacted for the Republicans.


Mike at Cold Fury is a little peeved…Arrogant, obnoxious swine: STRONG MESSAGE FOLLOWS



11 thoughts on “Video: Fireworks Between McCain and Obama During Health Care Summit

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  3. Why in the name of great honking Chithuilu did the Republicans even go? This was never about a “summit”, this was about a chance to put Republicans in front the cameras to give an air of bipartisanship to this crap sandwich, and the minute Milhouse avoided answering any of those VERY LEGITIMATE CONCERNS in lieu of condecension and “I Won” bs, the Republicans needed to leave.


  4. I’m glad they went along, now. Teh Won is looking very small, imo.

    He’s been downright rude with some of these Republicans. You can see the change in his body language when they start speaking, after a Dem speaks. He goes from rapt attention to the evil eye/grimace… at one point when Canter was speaking, he called an aide over, and was speaking with her, rather than listening.


  5. Deb, his smallness was on display for all to see during the campaign and the debates. He still won, and is now Teh Won™. This gained us nothing. Those of us who realized that he was small and petty before still see him as small and petty, and the rest will be assailed with the message that the Republicans are just demonstrating their “obstructionist ways” and the “same old policy of doing nothing”.


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