How To Become A Trending Topic On Twitter

Who is Dylan Ratigan, and why is he becoming a trending topic on Twitter?:

Dylan Ratigan is a nazi and a murderer.

Dylan Ratigan eats fetuses.

Dylan Ratigan killed all the Kennedys.

Dylan Ratigan causes cancer.

Dylan Ratigan’s pact with the devil caused the earthquake in Chile.

Dylan Ratigan is jack the ripper.

He sounds like an awful, awful man!


He is an awful, awful man!

Lori Ziganto, (Snark and Boobs) has more at Red State.

Hat tip: Caleb Howe on Twitter.


9 thoughts on “How To Become A Trending Topic On Twitter

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  8. You’ve probably heard about the colossal oil leak near the Gulf of Mexico. You think this will likely have a very sizeable damaging impact on our animal population in close proximity to Mexico?


  9. Did you guys catch the sorry game involving Brazil and Portugal in the 2010 World Cup? I really believe it is unsportsly actions and should be punished. What is your opinion?


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