It’s Expected, But The MSM’s Double Standard Is Still Annoying

Ya gotta love ’em.

The tea party movement, which just celebrated its one year anniversary, was all but ignored by the MSM until the week of  April 15, when tea parties were scheduled all across the nation, and were expected to be huge. By tax day, the MSM went from snubbing, (which was no longer credible) – to ridiculing, and the term, “tea bagger” was born.

The tea parties sprung up spontaneously, as citizens recoiled in horror from the “audacious” deficit spending in Obama’s Stimulus, and Omni spending bills. A year later, our fears have proven to be true. Jobs have been lost as  the country limps towards an economic recovery that would have happened sooner without the government intervention. I went to several tea party events between the Feb 28 snowstorm protest on the Plaza, and the three I went to on April 15th. At each of these tea parties, I wondered, “Where is the media?” Tea party events were happening all across he nation, and the only ones covering them, were right wing blogs.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago,   when a progressive copycat group called, “the coffee party”, emerged with its own blog.

With mainly complaints about the the divisive nature of politics, and echos of the latest media meme: “The process is  broken”,…there’s not much to go on, but it sounds like a progressive backlash to the tea party movement.

So naturally the MSM has perked up its ears, and a “movement” that started less than a month ago, has already been the subject of glowing profiles in the New York Times, and Washington Post.

Allahpundit notes:

The first blog post on the CP website is dated February 23, as is the “About Us” page, which means it took the two biggest papers in America less than a week after the new site started posting in earnest to catch lefty grassroots Coffee Party fee-vah. (Their Facebook page has been up since last month.) Fancy that.


Thirty people turned up at the LA chapter meeting this past Sunday; I assume they’ll be getting a full NYT Sunday Magazine profile when they hit 50

30 people showed up in sunny LA for a meeting, last Sunday?

A year ago, 200 of us met on the Plaza in KC, for a tea party during a friggin’ snow storm:

It got no mention in the local paper.  Neither did the Olathe tea party, or the  Leawood tea party. Nationwide tea parties that were attracting protesters by the thousands got little to no coverage by the MSM, either.

The tax day tea parties changed all that, of course. The media started paying attention to us, alright, but not to give us glowing profiles in leading papers and magazines. Mainly to laugh, and point, at first. The attacks came a little later. And of course now, a whole year later, any  maniac who has ever expressed a dislike of paying taxes, is given he title of “tea partier.

The NYTs crows that he Coffee Party movement has already garnered close to 40,000  Facebook fans by Monday afternoon. Not surprising, considering they’ve been profiled in two major newspapers, as well as countless other news outlets.

By word of mouth, the “Scrap the Bill” movement on Facebook has managed to attract 17,000 fans. (Nows your chance to join, if you haven’t already).

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Park is a former Strategy Analyst at the NY Times who was one of organizers and operators of the United for Obama video channel at YouTube.


Beware The Fake Tea Partiers and Lefty Wannabes


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