New Emails Reveal Global Warmists Plotting and Scheming To Strike Back At Skeptics

This is going to work out well for them, since their outrageous and partisan approach to science helped lead to their downfall to begin with. The Washington Times reports on a new set of private emails that have emerged:

Undaunted by a rash of scandals over the science underpinning climate change, top climate researchers are plotting to respond with what one scientist involved said needs to be “an outlandishly aggressively partisan approach” to gut the credibility of skeptics.

In private e-mails obtained by The Washington Times, climate scientists at the National Academy of Sciences say they are tired of “being treated like political pawns” and need to fight back in kind. Their strategy includes forming a nonprofit group to organize researchers and use their donations to challenge critics by running a back-page ad in the New York Times.

“Most of our colleagues don’t seem to grasp that we’re not in a gentlepersons’ debate, we’re in a street fight against well-funded, merciless enemies who play by entirely different rules,” Paul R. Ehrlich, a Stanford University researcher, said in one of the e-mails.

Ehrlich, of “The Population Bomb” fame? A man who has made countless predictions of doom for the country unless we changed our family planning practices, changes that he, like his friend and co-writer, Science Czar John Holdren,  thought required draconian government intervention?

He wants to gut the credibility of skeptics?

Stephen H. Schneider, also  Stanford professor bemoaned the “big monied interests” behind the climate change deniers: “They’re not going to win short-term battles playing the game against big-monied interests because they can’t beat them,” he said.

William Teach points out the absurdity of this:

… those wacky skeptics just have so much more money. Really? Joanne Nova points out

Somehow the tables have turned. For all the smears of big money funding the “deniers”, the numbers reveal that the sceptics are actually the true grassroots campaigners, while Greenpeace defends Wall St. How times have changed.

Sceptics are fighting a billion dollar industry aligned with a trillion dollar trading scheme. Big Oil’s supposed evil influence has been vastly outdone by Big Government, and even those taxpayer billions are trumped by Big-Banking.

The big-money side of this debate has fostered a myth that sceptics write what they write because they are funded by oil profits. They say, follow the money? So I did and it’s chilling. Greens and environmentalists need to be aware each time they smear with an ad hominem attack they are unwittingly helping giant finance houses.

Read the whole story as Jo does, in fact, follow the money.

Hat tip: Pirate’s Cove


3 thoughts on “New Emails Reveal Global Warmists Plotting and Scheming To Strike Back At Skeptics

  1. Nice Deb,
    Liberals today continue to astonish me. But really, it all comes down to simple corruption and their complete lack of morality. They are so far gone all we can do is to pray for them, pray to defeat them, and defeat them. I shall pray right now. (Sura 2:29)


  2. I’am so sorry that people are so innocent….Dems….Reps….kids , if you are feeling global warming?….it is just that we are going to Hell….and if it feels, colder?… is because, you have been pushed outside [of “your” goverment…HaHaHa]


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