The Blame Game Ain’t No Game

John at Verum Serum takes exception to  Michelle Malkin and Zombie’s take on “the blame game”, (the finger pointing that goes on every time a notorious criminal act takes place). Both Malkin and Zombie believe it’s wrong to stoop to the level of lefties, who insist on finding/inventing right-wing connections to the criminality.

John argues that there are definite patterns to left-wing violence, ( see Verum Serum for details) which the media chooses to ignore.

The blame game is already being played and those of us on the right are perpetually the ones being blamed, even when the evidence strongly points in the other direction (Joe Stack and John Bedell).

Taking the high road is an honorable approach. Unfortunately, the NY Times is not honorable. If every one of these charges is not strongly rebutted, the big lie will set in. I believe we have a responsibility to set the record straight. And if that means turning the blame back where it belongs or pointing out the pattern of violence on the left, then so be it.

I guess it comes down to this. The “blame game” isn’t a game. The charge of right-wing extremism (much of it driven by the SPLC) has been one of the chief tools used by Democrats against their conservative opponents since Obama took office. Refusing to play out of principle is choosing not to fight a public relations battle which conservatives can’t afford to lose.

I have to say, I’m with John on this one.  I think the days  of  constantly playing defense, and with gentleman’s rules, are over – at least for now, when the other side is so dishonestly trying to pin every act of violence that occurs on the right.


Joseph Stack, Tea Party Terrorist

Harry Reid’s Gut-Wrenching Hypocrisy

I can’t even watch this detestable, foul creature without getting sick to my stomach, anymore, I’m sorry:

He  takes umbrage because  people are snarking about his embarrassingly dense, and indelicate words? After announcing the Iraq war was lost while troops were still being deployed for the surge? What a thin skinned, hypocritical stooge…and what a  constant embarrassment to Nevada that man is.

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers