Coffee Party Taking The Nation By Storm

Just kidding.

Actually it’s more like:

BIG FAIL. St. Louis Libs Hold Coffee Party – 30 People Show Up


Low-key java drinkers in Washington kick off Coffee Parties (” Low key” – the Daily caller was too nice to note that only five people showed up).

This after being heavily promoted  and propped up by The Washington Post, New York Times, and CNN.

As Mike Hendrix points out: Coffee Deceivers: Soros-funded Astroturf Obamacommie morons fooling no one


If you really want to know about a genuine movement that is sweeping the nation, go here.


Via Frugal Cafe

Aw, The Coffee Party declines to go on Fox News. They don’t want to “foster ongoing divisions”, or something. They’re just too darned civil for those mouth breathing, knuckle dragging trogs at Fox News.

Plus, George Soros said no.

Treacher’s lol take: Do you still doubt the power of the Coffee Party movement?

Coffee Party round-up at American Power.


Beware The Fake Tea Partiers and Lefty Wannabes

It’s Expected, But The MSM’s Double Standard Is Still Annoying

Coffee Party Creator Is Former NYT “Strategy Analyst” And Obama Partisan


7 thoughts on “Coffee Party Taking The Nation By Storm

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  5. THIS is what I watched tonight, with the family gathered round:

    It is vile that the can-we-finally-nail-the-coffin-lid-down-on-the-oh-so-dead-media would sink to ‘reporting’ on that stupid coffee party astroturf while yawning at the true movement of the American people. AUGH! (Now I’m going to have to watch the TeaParty Movie again to get the astroturf coffee taste out of my mind.)


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