10 thoughts on “Video: The Great Reneger

  1. Give me a break! There is NOTHING racist about this song except what the racists want to read in to it. Stop this “poliitical correct” crap and get a grip on the facts of life. I am tired of being called a racist for standing up what I believe in. Barack Hussain Obama the racist in this country and the millions of followers that are supoorting this destruction to the greatest country on earth. You want what this moron is trying to stuff up our **** then move to Cuba, China, Africa and the hundreds of other countries that he seems to want to change us to.
    MSGE8, USA, Ret


  2. Hi! I am the writer and singer on “The Great Reneger”. There is no racism intended in the song. I just so happens that we have one word in our language to describe a person who goes back on his promises. Yes, there are other words like deceive, lie, mislead, but you will find no other word that nails the crime. I even went so far at to post another version of the song on youtube called “The Great Deceiver.” Not many are interested in that version. I am not a racist. I spent 30 years in mission work, 24 overseas and I’ve lived, worked, traveled, eaten with, and sacrificed with people of all colors to preach the Gospel. It’s just not true! Make sure you check out our website at thefischers.net.


  3. Mike, don’t let the accusations of racism bother you…no serious person thinks you’re a racist for writing that song. That’s what the left does when you hit the mark, and they have nothing else to say.


  4. This is the new link for “The Great Reneger”. It was pulled for copyright infringement but was fixed and is now back up on youtube. Thanks so much, Mike Fischer, writer.


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