Huh…Where Are The Black Faces At The Coffee Parties?

It goes against my natural colorblind instincts to even mention this, but since lefty luminaries such as Keith Olbermann (aka “Keef Overbite” aka “Bathtub Boy”, aka “Countdown to no ratings”) seem to think it’s important to ask this question of the tea partiers, I feel duty-bound to ask – where are the black faces at the coffee parties?

COFFEE PARTY USA; WINSTON-SALEM, NC MARCH 13, 2010 (The bald dude in the front with the brown shirt objected to my posting this photo, so you have to click this link to see it).

Coffee Party pics – Lincoln, NE 3/13/10

Charlotte, NC Coffee Party 3/13/10

CT Coffee Party 3/13/10

Boise, ID – 3/13/10 Coffee Party

I’ve been perusing the Coffee Party USA (Yep, CPUSA) Flickr pages, (via Pirate’s Cove) showing off the massive Coffee Party movement sweeping the nation, (ahem), and I’m not seeing a whole a lot of darker complexions – a few here and there, sure –  like you would see at a tea party.

Now, Olby could cherry pick the Coffee party pix that have one or two “black faces” to highlight the wonderful diversity. But the truth is, I could do the same thing with tea party pix. The fact of the matter is, the tea party movement is made up of mostly whites, which is not surprising because political conservatives tend to be white.

Guess what? So do liberal elites.

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Behold The Lamb

This latest bit of Obamessiah agitprop from the New York Times rendered BigFurHat speechless:

Doug Ross isn’t speechless, though:

Let’s review the central attributes of the photograph:

  • Obama, in what has become a tradition for the media, is deified with lighting that resembles a halo (ever recall the use of similar lighting for George W. Bush?)
  • Deification is further emphasized through the use of a cross watermark, courtesy of a mosaic filter
  • The focus, however, is on Obama’s single upraised finger, the digit pointing towards the heavens, as if to say “I am the one that can save us, as it was foretold by the ancients.” Or something.
  • The White House, a tiny, nearly transparent reflection, is located below the President; it seemingly says that the man is bigger than the office. He is more real. He is more important. He is the One.
  • The general idea being suggested as our heroic President leads his great humanitarian effort to end all suffering via the health care bill, during this holy season of Lent; runs along these lines:

    Behold the Lamb: Pure and innocent, gentle and meek, giving and self-sacrificing — a stranger, a misfit and a pilgrim in this world of self-gratification.

    “He was led as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before its shearers is silent, so He opened not His mouth.” Isaiah 53:7

    Had He spoken, his judges would have misunderstood His words.  His message didn’t fit their view of reality.  They couldn’t see beyond their personal wants and their earthly existence.  From their finite perspective, His meekness looked like weakness.  His submission seemed like passivity.

    But the Lamb was strong, not weak, when He stood silent before His accusers. He modeled strength when He chose obedience instead of resistance. His meekness demonstrates, not passivity, but a resilient power to endure any trial by trustful surrender to the will of God.

    The Obamessiah imagery was always a joke to many of us, but now after two full years of watching Obama lie, cheat, and thug his way to his Statist goals, I would think – a very few are buying, anymore.

    Give it up New York Times.


    Baby Jesus – Not Happy!


    3-4 Thousand Minnesotans Rally In St. Paul To “Kill The Bill”

    Photo via True North.

    The AP reported that rally organizers said 4,000 people attended, but Capitol police estimated the crowd at 2,000 or less. Captain Ed, who was there, (and gave a rousing speech), put the crowd at 3-4 thousand. He says there were clearly more than 2000 at the rally.  His report is here.

    They were not just numerous — the largest rally I’ve personally attended at this venue — but also enthusiastic.  Some got a little overly enthusiastic, such as the few who brought actual pitchforks.  (They were asked to step to the back of the crowd.)  Almost every sign carried to the rally was homemade, as you can see from the pictures.  They all came out to the capital on a day where the temperature didn’t get above 40 degrees during the entire rally, and where a cold wind blew across the mall.

    I found some pictures at The Reactionaries Speak of the actual pitchforks:

    Pundette approves of the sentiment wholeheartedly, but has some suggestions for safer “power-to-the-people equipment”.

    More pictures and a full report at True North.

    On a more solemn note, Baghdad Bobby Gibbs bragged on Fox News Sunday, that by next weekend, they will have passed the bill. Michelle Malkin says:  “Not Without A fight”.

    If anyone is able to make it, Washington needs to to hear from you on the 16th for  The People’s Surge against Obamacare:

    Time: March 16, 2010 from 9am to 6pm
    Location: Cannon House Office Building
    Street: Independence Avenue SE and New Jersey SE
    City/Town: Washington, DC
    Website or Map:…
    Phone: 202-942-7616
    Event Type: lobbying, against, obamacare, 2.0
    Organized By: Kahryn Rombach and Brendan Steinhauser of