If You Can’t Make It to Washington Tomorrow…

Tim Phillips from Americans For Prosperity has some other ideas for you to let your voice be heard:

1.  Go to Honkno.com CLICK HERE and sign up to take part in the “Honk Against the Health Care Takeover” event at 12 Noon your time tomorrow.  It’s simple and fun.  You go to the website, punch in your zip code and up pops the closest congressional district offices to you.  You can print off a “Honking Against the Health Care Takeover” sign for your car.  Then, with this sign in your car or truck go to your congressional district offices and let them hear your horns and see your protest.  If you want to be a “car caravan” leader, you can punch in where you’ll be at 11:30am and ask fellow grassroots activists to join you!

2.  Make sure that you and every single person you know directly contacts Congress by calling, emailing and visiting your congressional district office.  Make sure to forward this email, and
click HERE to contact your legislator now.

On our national tele-town hall call with Congressman Mike Pence last week, a lady from Indiana asked if it’s worth calling your congressman if you know he’s already a solid YES or a solid NO.  The answer: yes, it’s still crucial to call and email and visit them. If they are a solid YES, they need to continue feeling the heat because it impacts their resolve and shows just how unpopular this bill – and their position – is with folks back home.  If they are a solid NO, they need to be thanked and encouraged. And, the members of Congress talk to each other.  They compare notes and discuss what’s happening back home.

3.  Americans for Prosperity is taking part in a rally in Washington, D.C. tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.  For more information or to let us know you’re coming, CLICK HERE.

I’m so inspired by the level of sacrifice from people like you across this nation.  In Houston, Texas last Wednesday night I stayed in the home of a couple who attended grassroots meetings two nights in a row to keep up the pressure on Congress. They’ve got real day jobs and a family, but they’re literally spending hours each day fighting the fight – not to mention putting up with me in one of their spare bedrooms!

In Wisconsin this past Saturday, I looked out over a sea of more than 2,000 grassroots activists who showed up at our “Defending the American Dream” summit where health care was the focal point.  They’re still in the fight.  In Tucson earlier in the week, a 71-years-young tea party lady told me that “I’m not tired … I’m just getting started, and I’ve got more energy than my grandkids!”

The Left momentarily holds the levers of political power in Washington, but the American people are with us!

We’ve identified 21 key members of Congress and we’re going all out to impact these Democrats who hold the key to victory. All voted YES on the first House health care vote last year, but the political environment is dramatically different now.  We believe we need to flip at least 8 of these members to win.

We’re running targeted radio and television ads in these districts. CLICK here to hear a radio ad and CLICK here to see the TV ad.

In these target districts, a massive telemarketing blitz is also underway using recorded message calls, live calls from our activists and tele-town hall meetings – all mentioning the targeted members’ names and urging a contact to the member.

And, we’re using email, social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube, internet banner advertising and good old word-of-mouth to drive a massive number of one-on-one contacts to the congressional offices from their constituents. CLICK here to see a sample banner ad on Drudge.

The Left, led as usual by their public employee unions, is mounting a similar effort, but I can tell you from being in many of these districts that the energy is on our side.

There’s been much talk about “reconciliation” but candidly, it’s overrated and perhaps even a red herring. Here’s why. The president will sign the original Senate bill, HR3590, into law immediately following House passage. That means BEFORE the Senate takes up reconciliation. A ruling last week from the Senate parliamentarian requires that to be the sequence. So by the time the Senate is debating reconciliation, they will be tweaking a disastrous bill that is already law.

So when you hear the president and others say the Senate will “continue to work on improving the bill in reconciliation,” don’t be fooled.

With House passage of the Senate bill, Obama will have 99% of what he wants, whether or not he can get the other 1% through reconciliation. Winning the “reconciliation” battle will certainly not ensure victory. We must win in the House.

Please forgive this long email, but you’re the reason we’re able to fight this fight for our health care freedoms and I wanted to report to you on what we’re doing to win.

One last thing. While I was in Houston last week I saw a scruffy-looking young man wearing a
t-shirt that caught my eye and he was one of our activists.  It read: “If it is to be … It is up to me.”

That sums up the attitude I’m seeing from thousands of Americans who are waging an all-out effort for their freedoms.


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