Code Red/People’s Surge Against HealthCare Teaparties In Washington

Picture via: And So It Goes In Shreveport, from Robert Costa at NROs The Corner.

Smitty is covering the rallies live and has more pictures at The Other McCain.

See also: Michelle Malkin: Making their voices heard: Protesting Demcare on Capitol Hill

Will have more info as it comes in.


See Huffpo for what they consider: The most outrageous tea party photos”.

I’m kinda partial to this one:

Clearly, this isn’t as massive a crowd as was seen at the 9/12 March on Washington, Emergency tea party on November 5, or the Code Red Rally on Dec 15. Those events, along with CPAC just a few weeks ago, were as much as some  tight budgets could allow, I’m thinking.  Plus, come on…tomorrow is a holiday.

The bigger Tea Party event in D.C. will be held next month: A Tax Day Tea Party, April 15 at the Washington Monument from 7-10 p.m.


Here are Reps Michele Bachmann and Mike Pence speaking at the code red rally:

Tim Phillips from Americans For Prosperity spoke with Megyn Kelly on Fox earlier, today about the protests:

The last I heard, after that closed door meeting, Steny Hoyer said they still don’t have the votes.


The SlaughterHouse Rule: Just Try It, Dems

We’re not talking “Waterloo” if they try this…we’re not talking “Krakatoa”, we’re talking nuclear Armageddon.

At least according to E Pluribus Unum at Red State:

If you try the Slaughter Rule, you will lose the country. Not in November. In March.

Didn’t like August? You’ll hate this entire year.

See also Doug Ross:

14 Months of Hell, a Brief Illustrated History of the Ill-Fated Democrat Health Cafre Nationalization Efforts of 2009-2010.


KJL at The Corner reports:

House Republicans are about to announce a plan to force a vote on a resolution that would require the Senate health-care bill to be subject to a true roll-call vote. Republican leadership believe that if the House were to pass the resolution, it would mean the death of Speaker Pelosi’s Slaughter plan.

You can read the resolution at The Corner

Krauthammer’s take, via the Corner:

…members of the House look at this as so toxic, so noxious themselves, they don’t want to have their name on it. They don’t want to make history. … They don’t even want to have an up-or-down vote on the bill [that enacts Obamacare]. …

You have an issue of democratic decency: It is rare enough, unusual enough, and really indecent enough to change a sixth of the American economy with a bill that has not a single support from Republicans.

But to do it by a procedure which doesn’t even approve of the bill itself is simply staggering.


The Slaughter House Rules


And John Fund at the WSJ: ‘Nobody Wants to Vote for the Senate bill’

Democrats are ignoring their own polls.

In ramming through an unpopular 2,700-page health care bill using brute force tactics, Democrats are in danger of passing what amounts to the longest suicide note in history. Their own pollsters are telling them the public has rebelled against their tactics. So their response is to press their foot down even harder on the gas pedal. We’ll see how that works out for them.